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16 Jan

Competency 2: Communication Strategies – NO PLAGIARISM

C464 Study WorksheetCompetency 2: Communication StrategiesExplain each concept in your own words. Then, provide a scenario that demonstrates the concept. DO NOT copy straight from the book. This should be in your own words so you process the ideas in your own way. Feel free to copy and paste this into your own Word document. For direction to do this, see below.
Concept Answer Example
Johari’s Window – Include definition and its four components (p. 80)Definition:
Social Penetration Theory (p. 80)What are two key components?Definition:1.2. 1.2.
Three parts of the FIRO model (p. 78) 1.2.3.
First stage of relational development – Initiating Stage (p. 79)
Second stage of relational development – Intensification Stage (p. 80)
Third stage of relational development – Maintenance Stage (p. 82)
What are the three dialectical tensions?1.2.3.
Third stage of relational development – Maintenance Stage (p. 83)
What are six relationship maintenance strategies?
Fourth stage of relational development – Termination Stage (p. 86)
Six maintenance strategies for stability among interpersonal relationships (p. 83)
Three contextual barriers to competent listening (p. 92)
Three personal barriers to competent listening (p. 93)1.2.3. 1.2.3.
Four listening skills competent communicators possess (p. 96 — 97)
How do these terms differ: interpersonal communication, small group communication, team communication? (p. 109)Interpersonal:Small group:Team communication:
Three ways in which teams might become ineffective (p. 111) 1.2.3.
Four criteria for high performing teams (p. 113)
Three positive and three negative roles individuals take on a team, six total (p. 113)Positive:1.2.3.Negative:1.2.3.Positive:1.2.3.Negative:1.2.3.
Four phases of team building (p. 114)
Eight elements of team consensus and positive conflict management (p. 115)


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