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9 Apr

Composition and Rhetoric


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Please answer all questions with at least 3 or more complete sentences. Please number your answers in order of questions. The purpose of 3 or more is to show knowledge and understanding of the topics. Here are the questions: 1) What are at least 3 keys to developing a successful essay (for example, introduction, body, conclusion, proper formatting, structure, proper citing and documentation).  2) What should a successful academic essay contain in the development of the body of the paper (for example, quotes, facts, research).  3) Review the website below on the ICE method. Do you find this helpful? Why? If not, why not?  https://www.abington.psu.edu/ice-introduce-cite-and-explain-your-evidence 4) What is the difference between 3rd person language and 1st person language when writing an academic essay?  5) Why is 3rd person writing preferred when writing an academic essay?  6) What is the difference between being objective and subjective when writing an academic essay?  7) Explain the purpose of a thesis statement.  8) Provide an example of a thesis statement that you will use on a topic of your choice for the paper coming up next week.  9) What does it mean to have a process when writing (for example: freewriting, pre-writing, question and answer style).  10) Provide an example of a simple and compound sentence. Explain why this is an effective sentence.  11) In the first assignment in this class, we conducted research on academic sources. What is the difference between general sources and academic sources when conducting research?  12) Why is APA formatting important when writing an academic essay?  13) Why is unity and coherence important when writing an academic essay?  14) APA formatting requires proper citing and referencing in an academic paper. What is the purpose of citing and referencing research in an academic essay?  15) What has been the most valuable learning or learnings from this class so far?
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Composition and Rhetoric
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