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6 Feb

Concept of Positive Psychology AssignmentTutorOnline | Good Grade Guarantee!

Paragraph 1:
Outline the concept of positive psychology What are the main constructs Describe positive psychology methods
Paragraph 2Case study: (3 cases?) Demonstrate the use and implementation of positive psychology in real-world businesses. Evaluate the effectiveness (I think in this section it would be better to find case studies that were able to successfully implement positive psychology into their managerial system and see the business succeed as a result of that. in other words we don’t want no failures!!!):(
Paragraph 3Compare positive psychology approach to other approaches to management such as Max Webber’s principles (bureaucracy)
(Etc. — the number of paragraphs will be determined by your argument]Conclusion :-Summary of key point(s) made in the essay
-Re-state the main argument/position Concluding statement
Demonstrate and critically evaluate the influence of the field of positive psychology upon the area of managing individuals. What is distinctive about the positive approach compared with other approaches to management and organisation theory and research?
Criticism makes people defensive and therefore unlikely to change. while praise produces confidences and the desire to perform better
Workplaces can expand possibilities for employees to extraordinary by facilitating a work culture that allows employees to grow from mistakes. This involves allowing managers to determine who is in their team. how they spend their time and the way in which the individual works / approaches a problem. This will foster more confident managers who can achieve their tasks in a way that suits their strengths.

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