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16 Sep

Conflict about decisions to withhold potentially life


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1. Conflict about decisions to withhold or withdraw potentially life saving treatments can lead to…? Describe two things that arise from the conflict? 2. How do researchers exercise beneficence? List two ways. 3. List four main harms that may arise from research. 4. Explain two main ethical principles involved in heath informatics. 5. Outline the 2 main hospital might ignore a report from a nurse about patient safety concerns and/or substandard care. 6. In south Australia, in what circumstances is a nurse obliged to care for a woman undergoing an abortion if the nurse conscientiously objects? 7. What are two primary ways, as outlined in recent research that prevent student nurses from displaying moral courage whilst on placement? 8. If a nurse conscientiously objects to a treatment or procedure what two things must he or she do? 9. The value of Respect is central to ethical research on humans. Why is this? 10. Explain how the ethical principles of beneficence and autonomy can be used to justify the disclosure of medical errors? 11. List four possible consequences of the provision of medically futile treatment? 12. Which one of the three forms of avoidant leadership (Cleary&Duke,2019) was most evident in the Australian whistle blowing case involving the Bundaberg Base hospital? Describe this form of avoidant leadership. 13. What are nurses’ professional responsibilities in the disclosure of a medication error? List 4. 14.The practice of ambulance ramping can be defended by what ethical principle? Explain. 15.Which ethical principle is important in the issue of ambulance ramping? Explain?

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