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11 Jan

correlational research


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For this task, you will read the attached three news articles intended for a general audience reporting the results from correlational studies. You can find the links to these articles on the attachment. For each of the articles, you will answer the following questions and provide justifications for your answers:
    Provide a brief summary of the topic of the article.    Determine which variables are the focus of the research.    Describe how the results of the correlational analyses are presented.    Does the author of the article present the results as causal? In other words, does the author make statements that one variable causes the other?    Can you think of any additional variables that were not included in this study that may be important to consider?  Please describe the variables.    Based on what you know about correlational research, does it make sense to make lifestyle changes based on the research presented in this article? Please explain your answer.    Use one of the news articles to locate, and then read the primary source article in the NCU library. Did the news article accurately represent the research conducted? Please explain your answer.                           
Length:4-5 pages
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