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15 Oct

Covid 19 Research Proposal- Healthcare and Life Science


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This is a Covid 19 Research Proposal based on Healthcare and Life Science. It also entails cancer care organisations from the application of cancer care process architectures and fitness-for-purpose related cancer care information systems in their cancer care organisations.
Covid 19 Research Proposal- Healthcare and Life Science
This coursework element assesses the following learning outcomes:
Firstly, critically appraise the justification of applying certain research methods inrelation to cancer care informatics,
Secondly, assess the application of process modelling techniques in the context ofcancer care informatics research,
Thirdly, develop research design using the Design Science Research Methodology fora given cancer care problem empowered by informatics methods and tooling.
Fourthly, understand and apply legal, social, ethical and professional (LSEP) issues inthe context of cancer care informatics, and
Lastly, utilise the service learning pedagogy for life long learning in the context ofcancer care informatics.
You will need to conduct a critical literature review to identify an issue that needs further research and development but is also anticipated to benefitcancer care organisations from the application of (and readiness of) cancer care process architectures, service learning, and fitness-for-purpose related cancer careinformation systems in their cancer care organisations.
Covid 19 Research Proposal- Healthcare and Life Science
Finally, provide 500 words essay with a critique regarding the adoption of the DSRMprocess approach in the context of your research proposal reflecting on this processappropriateness, effectiveness, and efficiency.
Your research proposal has the following marks allocation per the sections belowwith the assessment criteria detailed.
(1) Research issue identification and formulation: 20%You should specify and provide metrics to assess the researchaim, and objectives; and also to articulate the researchquestions underpinned by most appropriate theoreticalperspectives in order to support answering your researchquestions, and why? In addition, this should set the scene for your DSRMframework design.
(2) Research design using the DSRM process: 60%You are expected to detail the rationale behind your researchframework design (as mentioned above) using the DSRMprocess, the DSRM phases, also increments/loops, researchmethods, and reflecting on the benefits and limitations theseresearch methods have.
(3) A short essay on the adoption of the DSRM: 20%This should be a critical reflective essay to answer whether the DSRM process approachadopted in your research framework design is consideredappropriate, effective, and efficient, or not and why?
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Covid 19 Research Proposal- Healthcare and Life Science

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