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13 Mar

CPCCBC4004A Assessment Task 2: Skills Assessment (Practical Tasks) AssignmentTutorOnline | Good Grade Guarantee!

Assessment Task Cover Sheet :-
Student’s Declaration:
I certify that this is my own work based on my personal study and/or research. I also certify that I have not accessed any other student’s work, either electronically or written to complete this assignment. I have not copied in part or whole or otherwise plagiarised the work of other students. Further, I understand that the copying of practical reports and other work from students constitutes plagiarism. I confirm that if I am identified as cheating or plagiarising I will receive NYC. I understand that I will receive NYC, if my result is not satisfactory in any of the above assessments tasks. I am also aware of my appeal rights.Student Signature : Date :
CPCCBC4004A Identify and produce estimated costs for building and construction projects :
Assessment Task 2: Skills Assessment (Practical Tasks)
Task 1— Estimate for Residential Project
This task requires you to produce a partial estimate for a residential project. The estimate is to be prepared for use in a tender process and must include all preliminary and site costs.
Your estimate should be based on determining detailed costs for three major trades. These could include bricklayers, carpenters, painters, plumbers or electricians. If you are unsure whether the trade you have chosen is considered as a major trade, ask your assessor for advice. In preparing the estimate, you must:
>identify at least three (3) suppliers for all the materials used by the chosen trades that meet the specification
>determine the most cost-effective option for materials for the client
>include all plant and equipment costs for the trades you have chosen — where plant or equipment would be supplied by a subcontractor, list the plant or equipment that they will supply and estimate the cost to the subcontractor
>identify all labour and material costs for the trades you have chosen
> identify all preliminaries, including indirect costs such as statutory and planning approval processes, insurances, waste, EPA, electricity, water etc.
The estimate must be provided to the assessor on a Microsoft. Excel° spreadsheet and should be accompanied by the information you have collected about possible suppliers of your materials.
If the materials used require testing or evaluation to determine whether they meet legislative or regulatory requirements (eg compaction or concrete testing), include comments in the spreadsheet that identify:
• the requirements that must be met the tests that must be performed
• the costs of the tests
• the typical time frame required for the tests and their results.
The estimate may be based on the drawings and specifications below or an alternative set that you have access to. Where an alternative set has been obtained, include a copy with the submitted costings.

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