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20 Aug

critical analysis of literature | Good Grade Guarantee!

Assessment Details
The report requires a critical analysis of literature relevant to a proposal. The purpose of the task is to help students identify and analyse relevant literature to assist in determining an appropriate topic for the research proposal.
You are required to submit:
• An interim research proposal (50-200 words) to provide context for your choice of literature.
• A synthesis matrix (as described in class).
• A list of references named in the synthesis matrix. These should be in APA referencing style.
You have already done quite a bit of work for this research in tutorials: you should have a tentative research issue, strategies and evidence to persuade your readers about the significance of the problem you’re researching, as well as the validity of your research issues. You also should consider opposing views or good counter-arguments that you can address in order to help establish your credibility and enhance the relevance of your paper.
A. Interim Research Proposal
The submission must contain the following sections, submitted in the order as listed below-
• Title – proposal title (10 words maximum)
• Proposal – summarization of the significant concepts in the proposed study focusing on key aspects (200 words max)


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