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15 Sep

Critically evaluate Volkswagen Diesel Emission Scandal controversy in the online environment (Twitter preferred), in the…


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Critically evaluate Volkswagen Diesel Emission Scandal controversy in the online environment (Twitter preferred), in the form of negative reactions by members of the public.The written report analyses how Volkswagen have engaged in reputation management and/or crisis communication in response to negative online communication (Twitter Preferred). Your report should draw on the pdf readings where relevant, as well as other relevant research.In concluding your analysis of the case study, you should provide your own final evaluation and justification for this evaluation. What is expected is a well-researched, professionally presented, fully referenced (APA Style), well-structured argument.consider the following questions in the report:What was the nature of the controversy or crisis?Who were the individual actors, organisation, or organisations, involved in the controversy or crisis?What was the economic, social and historical context of the controversy or crisis?Was it necessary to shut communication down, and if so what was the ‘tipping point’?Could the situation have been handled differently in any way?To what extent did the organisation demonstrate appropriate knowledge of the online context (of social media customs and habits) during and after the controversy or crisis?What does this case study teach us about how organisations should deal with negative reactions online?Check This sites and the pdf filesHow Companies Should Respond To Negative Reviewshttps://outspokenmedia.com/reputation-management/respond-negative-reviews/Is the Tipping Point Toast?https://www.fastcompany.com/641124/tipping-point-toastUsing Metadata to find Paul Reverehttps://kieranhealy.org/blog/archives/2013/06/09/using-metadata-to-find-paul-revere/

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