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14 Mar

CS499 – Introduction to Parallel… | Good Grade Guarantee!

CS499 – Introduction to Parallel Computing project
Due date: March 12, 2020
Project Goal:
Using your knowledge from the topics discussed in class, (i) on the MapReduce technology and (ii) on the parallel C# library, you are required to implement a research project that creates methods/classes (using components of the parallel library) in C# to enable performing highly parallel map reductions in the C# programming language. The goal of this research project will be to highlight that the benefits of map reduction can also be realized on a single multi-processor computer.
You can either work on this project individually, or in a team of two following good paired programming practices.
Word Count: use map reduce implementation in C# to count the number of occurrences of each word in a text file (file(s) provided as attachment).
Project Tasks:
Note that this is a research project so you are required to accomplish at least the following tasks:
Task 1 (Survey/Literature Review): you will search, read, and review literature from other researchers in the field who are implementing Map Reduce technologies in their work. In addition, you will research on if/how others have proposed to implement map reduce in C#, or another similar language. A section of your literature review should be described in your term paper.
Task 2 (Implementation): Based on your survey, you can choose to reuse some other researcher’s code and build on top of it, or you can implement from scratch. In your term paper, in the section that describes your approach, you need to mention why you chose to use someone else’s work by citing their work, or why you want to implement from scratch.
Task 3 (Analysis): You should generate enough data to validate your implementation. For example, you can test your implementation for various file sizes and analyze the effect on the overall execution time. You need to describe your analysis and observations in a section in your term paper. Use figures, tables, and graphs, where necessary. (Remember, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.)

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Blackboard Submission: You will submit the files under the Final Exam on Blackboard. Following files are required as your final submission.
Code: upload your entire project folder as a zipped file. Include comments in your code as implementation documentation.
Term paper: upload your research paper as a .docx or .pdf file. Refer to the provided research paper skeleton/template for a properly formatted submission.

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