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1 Jul

data on the Internet about the total sales


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There are data on the Internet about the total sales and profits of major brands of smart phones. Choose iPhones as the brand and our current time period and analyze accordingly. Graphs and tables must be included. Please include Introduction and Objective, Literature Review, Analysis, and Conclusions. The introduction should be 1-2 paragraphs long and must contain the objective. It should explain why the topic is relevant and what is the research question. The literature review section is a review of similar works done by other authors. Here, you must quote references and link those references in alphabetic order at the end of your paper. The economic analysis section is your answer to the research question you set out to investigate. Please use key microeconomic terms (Total Revenue, Marginal Revenue, Marginal Cost and Total Profit) to analyze the data and all information. Please use APA style Please do not use Wikipedia as a source One of the sources must come from a scholarly book or scholary journal. Thank you very much

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