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26 Aug

Data Warehousing And Big Data | Good Grade Guarantee!

What you are required to do
Suggest improvements to the dimensional modelStudy the given dimensional model to determine what’s lacking in response to the business need. Identify potential improvements to the dimensional model. This can be in the form of new attributes, new dimensions, new measures or the use of dimension design techniques. Present your recommendations with supporting evidence and the new dimensional model.
Create cubes and OLAP queriesThe data warehouse (ValeurDW) is accessible from the Azure server (BUS5WB-SQLSVR02). Use SSDT to create a multidimensional analysis project. Design and run OLAP queries to determine customer insights (demographics, buying behaviours, sentiment and the combination of these). You may decide the number of queries to run and you are free to use any query interface – MS Excel, SQL reporting, MDX or even the Cube browser.
RecommendationsMake recommendations based on your findings, taking into account the natural progression of a typical customer from low-value to high-value and the potential opportunities exposed in the consumer dynamics. Recommendations can be simple as cross-sell, up-sell and down-sell or a notch-up sophisticated.


  • Hit The Order Button To Order A **Custom Paper**

>> 100% ORIGINAL PAPERS FROM AustralianExpertWriters.com <<