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19 Nov

Describe what is meant by the term ventricular conduction disturbance.


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A. Describe what is meant by the term ventricular conduction disturbance.
B.  The QRS complex
a. is normally narrow.
b. is greater than 0.5 seconds in direction.
c. begins just as the impulse enters the AV node.
d. represents ventricular repolarization.
C.  With normal ventricular depolarization, the electrical axis  is drawn
a. rightward, between 0 and 90 degrees.
b. leftward, between 0 and 90 degrees.
c. upward, at 45 degrees.
d. downward, between 0 and 30 degrees.
D.  Bundle branch block
a. causes narrowed QRS complexes to appear on the ECG.
b. is a disorder in which one or both of the bundle branches fails to conduct impulses.
c. accelerates depolarization of the ventricle it supplies.
d. is diagnosed by analyzing only the width of the QRS complexes.
E. To diagnose RBBB, you check for an RR9 in leads
a. aVF and aVL. b. I and II.
c. V1 or V2. d. V3 or V4.

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