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17 Apr

Design the LANs of the case study.

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For this assessment, you need to complete two main tasks:1) Design the LANs of the case study.2) Design the IPv4 and IPv6 addressing scheme for the case study.Let us look at each task in a little more detail:A. LANs’ DesignThe complete network consists of multiple subnetworks (in this case LANs) each of which hastheir own design according to usage. As we have learnt (or will learn depending on when youread this) in-class there are many design decisions involved in designing LANs. You need todesign each component of the LANs with good justification for your design decisions. YourLAN design should fulfil the requirements laid out in the case study document. You will needto do some research on requirements for some of the functionalities the LANs need to performand their solutions. For example, as stated in the document all the LANs should support videochats. You may also need to make some reasonable assumptions for your design. You shouldjustify these assumptions. You will also provide costing for your solutions. All costings shouldbe in AUD$.B. IP Subnetting DesignWe have seen (or will see in-class) that subnetworks and the devices in them need to be addressed.You will need to select a suitable starting address and subnet mask for IPv4 subnetting. The lasttwo digits of your student ID should appear consecutively and in the same order as in your ID,in the starting address. For example, if your ID is 123456, then you can choose an address ofthe form xxx.x56.xxx.xxx. For the IPv6, please use the starting address:

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