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6 Apr

 Determine Methods to Measure and Improve Capacity


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Instructions For this assignment, consider that you are the manager of an organization of your choice and you want to know how the organization’s capacity is prepared for a likely change in marketing conditions. You plan to research the means to measure the organization’s capacity to provide goods and services.  If you notice that capacity appears low in the advent of rising orders, what will you do? Will you attempt to raise the quality and time performance of individuals in the department, increase the supply of materials, or introduce other measures to improve capacity? For this assignment, write a paper that addresses the following: Indicate the measurements organizations use to measure capacity. Discuss what you could do as a manager to improve the level of quality and timely service to improve capacity. Determine how these improvements contribute to improvements in the quality of goods and services provided to customers. Consider increasing customer follow-ups after purchases regarding satisfaction of goods and service, as an indicator of the quality of capacity. Develop a brief survey 2 weeks after purchase to inquire about suggested improvements that could be made in products and services. In your paper, utilize the theory of constraints, the theory of capacity utilization, or another theory directly pertinent to development or use of capacity.
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 Determine Methods to Measure and Improve Capacity
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