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15 May

Develop a web-based system for a simple library


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You are required to develop a web-based system for a simple library management system that hasnumber of users who can borrow books from a list of books. For simplicity this system allows onlyfollowing operations (of course from the website and not from the database server itself):• Add/delete new books (each book may have following attributes ID, Title, Autor ID, ISBN,Publisher, Publish year, price etc.)• Add/delete an author (each author may have following attributes ID, First Name, Last Name,Country of origin, Year of birth etc.)• Add/delete a user (each user may have following attributes ID, First Name, Last Name)• User can borrow and return books (the library may have multiple copies of a same book)You are expected to anticipate the relationships between various tables. E.g. you cannot add a book if avalid author does not exist.Submission:Your work is expected to have two major components• Database design (you will have to do it in PHPMyAdmin)• Web development (you will have to do it using WordPress)Show all the steps (must be in right sequence) with screenshots and necessary explanation andjustification of the task you are performing for every step. Typical major steps could be as follows (notnecessarily exactly same):• Database designo E-R diagram• Database creationo Tableso Relationship establishmento Etc.• Web developmento Interface designo Database connectiono Etc.• Operationso Add a booko Delete a booko Add an authoro Showing all the content

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