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17 Oct

develop an information system known as CS2 to support the work of the newly created…


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Electronic Data Systems (EDS) won the contract to develop an information system known as CS2 to support the work of the newly created Child Support Agency (CSA) in the United Kingdom. It is claimed that the failure of this information system contributed to the closure of the CSA and cost the UK taxpayer over a billion pounds sterling (DWP, 2006). The CSA was a UK Government Executive Agency and was part of the Department for Work and Pensions in Great Britain and the Department for Social Development in Northern Ireland. The agency was launched on April 5, 1993 and was responsible for implementing the 1991 Child Support Act and subsequent legislation. Child support, or child maintenance, is the contribution from a non-resident parent towards the financial cost of raising off spring. Maintenance is paid to the person with whom the child lives. The level and conditions of payment can either be mutually agreed between the two parties, or, in case of disagreement, decided by legal means. The CSA as originally conceived was a government organisation whose primary purpose was information handling. For instance, the CSA was expected to:

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