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28 Aug

Develop complex software systems | Good Grade Guarantee!

•    Apply software design principles to design and document software that utilises design patterns•    Operate CASE software to document the design of a piece of software•    Apply an appropriate software development methodology to the development of a software system•    Apply the methods and techniques involved in designing, implementing and maintaining an information system, in particular using an object-oriented approach•    Develop complex software systems in accordance with industry standard development methodologies and practices1.    Design and implement a custom environment for your maze game.  This requires producing your own unique hand-drawn map of the maze game environment and changing the HardCodedData file to reflect the locations and items on your map.  At least six (6) locations, including at least one (1) shop, must be included, as well as enough items to allow for proper testing of the game functionality.  For example, there must be sufficient items to verify that a player cannot collect an item if the weight restriction has been met.  Note: you should not retain the original locations or items from the provided code base in your version of the game.2.    Implement each of the following deliverables / milestones:a.    functionality as detailed in Lab 7 and Lab 8b.    commands to manage the various item management commands: i.    listItems, getItem and dropItem, to allow listing of all held items, collect a new item and drop a held item.ii.    equipItem and unequipItem, to wear / wield a held item, and to stop wearing or wielding an equipped item.iii.    purchaseItem and sellItem, to buy an item from a vendor and to sell an item to a vendor.     Ensure that weight restrictions are not exceeded and that the context for each command is appropriate.  For example, purchasing and selling of items should only occur in a shop.c.    basic combat functions, allowing a player to attack or to be attacked by a non-player character (NPC).  A player may flee combat or continue to attack until such time as one combatant loses all life points.  The end result must not be hard-coded, and neither the hostile NPCs nor player may have their attributes configured in such a way that the final outcome is pre-determined.  Note that combat functions should only be available when the player is in the presence of a hostile NPC, and combat may take whatever form is appropriate for your game context rather than being limited to just hits with a weapon.d.    Collectable items that, when used, restore life points to a player.  The number of life points regained should be determined by the roll of 2 six-sided dice up to the player’s maximum health.  You can elect to allow these to be used during combat if you wish.3.    Produce a short video (up to 5 minutes) and upload this to YouTube as an unlisted file.  A link to view this on YouTube must be submitted with your assignment.  All team members must actively participate (be visible throughout the recording and contribute to the discussion) in the video to:a.    Provide a demonstration of the game – how the game play works and how this was implemented.b.    Explain the role of design patterns in the game, clearly identifying the functionality where design patterns have had an impact and how this has occurred.  c.    Reflect on the use of a development methodology in creating the game.  How did this assist, or make the development of the game more complicated?


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