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26 Mar

Did you work to make sure that your thesis AssignmentTutorOnline | Good Grade Guarantee!

A single artifact from one ancient culture demonstrating what is learned regarding how this artifact best reflects one of the key social, religious, political, etc. aspects of that culture. They are to address properties of style and iconography with regard to the above, showing how the appearance of the object, and its meaning are a direct reflection of the culture that produced it. Discuss the subject matter and function. Employ a reasonable number of source materials ( books, journal articles, internet sites), and every effort must be made to properly cite all source material. Free of Plagiarism! While the project demands a certain level of research, the ultimate goal here is to have the student use what has been learned through this research to arrive at conclusions of their own concerning the way the artifact serves to indicate its meaning and function within the society that produced it. There is a well presented, well written analysis of source information that is in turn coherently tied to the question asked of the assignment (thesis). There is strong evidence of critical examination of source material. Above all, the student has carefully and thoughtfully addressed the question inherent in the assignment, and has done an outstanding job of addressing the question at a college/university level of acceptance There are no issues with grammar, syntax, or spelling, and a proper style/citation has been used throughout the paper. Did you then proceed to evaluate some specific aspect of the culture that produced this object in order to learn how some specific aspect of that culture (religion, politics, social structure, external issues, etc.) may have effected issues such as iconography, (subject matter and its treatment), appearance (style), materials used, etc. Here, you are expected to go beyond simply reporting information you gathered about some aspects of the culture you chose; you are required to analyze that information in your full examination of the artifact you selected for the project, tying what you have learned about the culture to the appearance, form, or materials of the object under discussion. This is a not a book report; you are not just listing information you gathered from several sources. I expect you to use that information to come to some conclusion about your artifact and finally, to be able to defend your stance that this artifact reflects a specific aspect of the culture that produced it. You will most likely need to do some verbal describing of the artifact, noting any key features that may support your argument. Did you work to make sure that your thesis (the idea you are presenting that your artifact reflects a specific element of the culture that produced it) did you arrive at some thoughtful conclusion(s) about the object you chose to study? -Appropriate level of application of source materials cited to analyze the artifact and to connect this analyzation to the thesis. -Coherent discussion of the thesis level of achievement in synthesizing source material to arrive at a thoughtful conclusion as to the function/meaning of the object being examined.

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