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3 Feb

Discuss fundamental concepts of computer… | Good Grade Guarantee!

Assignment Detail:- Academic Details Overview of the Subject The subject provides the foundation knowledge of computer and network infrastructure- Students study the physical and logical components of ICT including the concepts and terminologies relating to computers and networking- Specifically, the subject focuses on computer architecture components, operating systems, network evolution, network hardware, network protocols and security- This subject provides the pre- requisite knowledge required for advanced networking and security courses- Subject Learning Outcomes a- Discuss fundamental concepts of computer and data networksb- Explain how protocols are used to link computer networks and manage data traffic-c- Apply IP addressing, routing and subnetting in the design of a networkd- Apply networking concepts to solve a business problem- Assessment Details Details of Each Assessment Item The assessments for this subject are described below- The description includes the type of assessment, its purpose, weighting, due date and submission requirements, the topic of the assessment, details of the task and detailed marking criteria, including a marking rubric for essays, reports and presentations-Supplementary assessment information and assistance can be found in Moodle- KOI expects students to submit their own original work in both assignments and exams, or the original work of their group in the case of group assignments- Marking guides for assessments follow the assessment descriptions- Students should compare final drafts of their assessment against the marking guide before submission- Assessment 1Purpose: Weekly tutorial participation is designed to encourage engagement, and develop and reinforce the knowledge and skills presented in the lectures- Students will be given exercises to do during the tutorial time- This assessment contributes to learning outcomes a, b, c and d- Purpose: This assessment will allow students to demonstrate that they can identify the key terms used in the Data communication and Network- This assessment contributes to learning outcome a and b- Assessment 2 Assessment type: Individual assignment mid-trimester test -1 hour- Purpose: This assessment will allow students to demonstrate that they can identify the key terms used in the Data communication and Network- This assessment contributes to learning outcome a and b- Part Details: The Assignment will consist of a series of short answer questions relating to key terms used in Data communication and network Assessment 3Assessment type: Problem Based Scenario – individual report and presentationPurpose: This assessment will allow students to demonstrate a Network design based on a real time scenario- This assessment contributes to learning outcomes c and d- Part details: Top Class Networks -TCN- in Sydney occupies a five-floor building- The company has five main departments: Administration, Customer Support, Hardware, HR and Sales- Administration is on the first floor, Customer Support is on the second floor, Hardware is on third floor, HR is on fourth floor and Sales is on the fifth floor- Administration has X workstations, Customer Support has X+20 workstations, Hardware has X+15 workstations, HR has X+25 workstations and Sales has X+30 workstations- Generally, each department has its own applications, but some applications require inter-department data transfer- All workstations need Internet access, company intranet access, access to local servers and access to email- Web and Email servers are hosted on the ground floor as well- You as a network engineer need to come up with network design report- X = last two digits of your student ID- If X is 00 to 09 then please use X + 20–For example: if your student ID is 12345678 then use 78 as X but if your student ID is 12345601 then use 01+20=21 as X– Report: The report must contain the following sections: 1- Introduction: Critical analysis of networking requirements2- Local Area Network -LAN-: Design and description of the Local Area Network for all departments which must include:a- Network topology: Discuss the reasons for choosing the particular network topologyb- LAN design: Design must show all workstations, interconnecting devices and connections- Also, show connections to the server and connection to the Internet-c- IP addresses: Find all network and host addresses including subnet masks according to the requirements while using 10-0-0-0/8 as the private network address-3- Hardware: Provide a complete description of all interconnecting devices -switches, routers, hubs- and wiring used to build the network- Provide justification for your choice-4- Conclusion: Comprehensive summary of the work done and recommendations- Presentation: A five-minute presentation on the main contributions of the report is to be given in Week 12 tutorial time-



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