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16 Sep

Discuss suicide in Australian contexts including


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Part A:Discuss suicide in Australian contexts including population groups at an increased risk and the impactof suicide. Your discussion should also include the risk and protective factors for suicide.(Approximately 1000 words).Part B:Identify, discuss and evaluate two (2) mental health promotion programs currently used in suicideprevention in Australia. The suicide prevention programs must be aimed at a population level and notin the ward/clinical setting. You also need to also explain the role of the nurse in suicide preventionand promoting mental health. (Approximately 1,500 words).2Instructions for this assessment task:? Familiarise yourself with the online material on CloudDeakin and thematerial covered in the seminars;? draw on theoretical concepts of mental health promotion covered in HNN301;? access relevant contemporary mental health promotion literature to supportyour discussion;? explore well-reputed data sources reporting Australian suicide statistics inaddition to current peer reviewed literature examining suicide and itsimpacts;? search the literature to identify mental health promotion strategies toprevent suicide;? the suggested readings in the unit are a good place to start. Referencesto noncredible websites and/or Wikipedia are not appropriate for this assessment task;? make sure you self-assess your assignment against the marking rubricavailable before submission. This enables you to make sure all the requiredareas have been covered

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