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22 Nov

Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each approach considered and support your chosen approach to each section for the case w…


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Case Study detaicase study
Royale Pizza was established in 2007 by an entrepreneurwithmore than20years of experience in the food service industry.Known for itshigh quality and authentic Italianpizzas, Royalenow produces and delivers40 types of gourmet and classic pizzas. The shopis located in one of the busiest streets of Melbourne CBD,near the Southern Cross station, and offers its customers a fresh food menu, via its online (delivery of online orders) and offline(dine-in) channels.Close to the Central Business District (CBD)and railway station,Spencer streethas a mixture of businesses, including tertiary education facilities,hotelsand apartment buildings.Royale pizzahas a wide customer base including locals and tourists,and must cater to the needs ofdiverse rangeof customerswithdifferentbackgrounds.The shop is open tilllate night,so it isa great option for thetourists andother customersto order their pizzas when not manyother choicesareavailable.
The opportunity:
RoyalePizzais continuouslytryingtoincreaseits foodquality andultimatelyincreaseits annualsales and profitability.Recently the shop owners have decided to renovate the entire pizza shop and buy some newequipmentsenabling themtoexpand their business byservingother types of food(e.g.,fish & chips andpastas), reducetheirfoodwaste, andincrease their profitability by 25%.
Themajorrenovation project includesflooring, installation of air-conditioningsystem,dust-free painting,increasingcompressor capacity,andprofessional cleaning ofkitchen exhaust system. Equipment would includepurchasing3deep fryers,2boilers,1dough roller,point of sale systemwithinstallation ofsuitablesoftware and hardware to run it.
Thestairs located intherear area of the shop also needto be removed in order to provide more food preparation space for thekitchenstaff.So, installation of thepurchasedequipmentcanbeonly doneaftercompletion ofconstructionactivities.As part of the renovationproject, theshopownersaimtocreateadditionaldining-inspaces to serve more customers. So,2 new sets of chairs and portable tablesalso need to be purchased.
Shop owners estimatedthatthe total cost of the workwould beroughlyaroundAU$40,000.The start date of the project will be 1stof March.Thetarget dateofprojectcompletionwould be4monthsfromthe start date. As the shop should be closed during the construction, installation and paintingactivities,nosales and revenuehavebeenpredictedduringthis period.
Technicalmanageris playing a big role in this project, assisting withshop re-design, sourcing, procurement,delivery and installation of new equipment.Other parties included in this projectare:shopsupervisor,installers,equipementssuppliers, contractor,technical and safetycompliancecertification bodies,and project management consultant.
Inthe first meetingheldwith owners, technical managerraised an important issue and explained whyconstruction and installation stages cannot be performed at the same time.He also mentioned thatthere are someelectricitywires under therearstairswhich should be carefully taken care of bycontractorswhenremoving the stairs. He alsoindicatedthat the contractorsshould notremove the waterfaucetin the rear area of the shop due tothe safety issues.
The safety inspections will be conducted everyfortnightand will takeat least 4 hours.Throughoutthe inspection process, all the power appliances’cables will be tested, tagged,and certified as“safe”after completionof each stage. Mechanical ventilation complianceshouldalso be checked as one of the safety considerations.All the safetycontrolshaveassociated costswhich need to be carefully considered in project budget plan.
As shown inTable 1, thewholeprojectcan be divided into 4 mainprojectdelivery stages.So, not being able to finishing the project on time,the contractorswillincura dailypenalty ofAU$300that should be paidto the shop owners.
Table 1: The mainstagesof the project,estimatedbudget anddue dates
Planned duration
Planned budget
1 month
1 month
Figure 1: Floor Plan
Assessment 4: Complete project documentation
Building on previous assessments, you are the project manager for the Case Study project, and required to complete the remaining documentation for the project.
Read your project Case Study carefully, and then prepare the following documents.As you work through these tasks, identify any areas where you do not yet have sufficient information, and may need to ask further questions from your project sponsor.
Implementation plan – Identify the conditions surrounding the Case Study project, required for successful implementation. This may include, but is not limited to, management structure, style and culture, levels and boundaries for authority and autonomy, personal skills, attributes and characteristics of those in the project team. (Approximately 700 words)
Monitoring and control process – Document how the Case Study project will be assessed. This will build on question 1 above, with emphasis on what will be monitored and controlled and by which techniques and tools. The areas of focus can be devided into internal and external criterias such as Time, Cost, Resources, Quality and stakeholders. Include other areas you determine to be relevant for successful management of the Case Study project. (Approximately 800 words)
Project performance evaluation – From your work on managing the project, identify the methods, tools and techniques you would use to determine whether the Case Study project goals have been achieved.List the specific actions required to ensure quality on your project. (Approximately 600 words)
Project closure – Identify the tools and steps required to close off the Case Study project and what activities should take place, post-project.What are the promising practices in motivating teams to share the lessons learned in their projects with others and encouraging new project teams to utilize existing lessons learned effectively? (Approximately 400 words)
A report format is acceptable, but must include discussion of the approaches used for the above sections. Diagrams, charts, tables and illustrations may be used to help communicate or describe an approach. These must be supported by a written discussion and not relied on to tell the story themselves.
Assessment will be based on your discussion of tools and techniques considered and used for each section of the plan. You should discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each approach considered and support your chosen approach to each section for the case with academic research.
Minor weighting will be given to re-submission of parts 1 & 2 that incorporate changes based on feedback received on assignment 1 and 2. Make sure you read the Assessment 4 marking criteria carefully before you start your work. Submit your assessment as a Word document of no more than 2500 words.
Tips on preparing your assessment:
Base your report on academic sources, e.g. journal articles, books, chapters in books.
You may refer to other sources, such as internet sites, magazines, or newspapers, as long as you include a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed academic resources
Communication skills are important, so proofread your work carefully before you submit. The standard of your writing will affect your mark.

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