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19 Feb

Distinguish between leadership trait and behavior theories.


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Write a comprehensive final paper covering the main topics in the course, similar to a “grand” overview/major summary of what you have learned in the course.The content (excluding title page, references and appendices) should be a minimum of 5-7 pages to fully cover the main topics. Please use and cite at least five references in addition to theprimary textbook in this paper. As always, you are required to use APA style.
Activity Outcomes
1. Distinguish between leadership trait and behavior theories.2. Explain how to create vision through leadership.3. Evaluate the principles for effective discipline and corrective action.4. Identify the five principles of leadership that empower people.5. Define the principles of motivation, empowerment and the 14 deming points.6. Analyze performance management and performance reviews.7. Assess how to improve future leadership growth characteristics ensuring human relations skills.
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