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Don’t use plagiarized sources. Get Your Custom Essay on Capitalism and socialism: case study: uber Just from $13/Page Order Essay Week 2 – Discussion 57 57 unread replies. 109 109 replies. Your initial discussion thread is due on Day 3 (Thursday) and you have until Day 7 (Monday) to respond to your classmates. Your grade will reflect both the quality of your initial post and the depth of your responses. Refer to the Discussion Forum Grading Rubric under the Settings icon above for guidance on how your discussion will be evaluated. Capitalism and Socialism: Case Study: Uber This discussion assignment requires you to submit at least four posts: an initial post, two reply posts to fellow students in threads other than your own, and a revised post. Prepare: Your initial post in this discussion must be informed by the required material for this discussion. The required material for this discussion will introduce you to what is new about Uber as a business model, the profit incentive in business, and how laws can make or break innovation in business. Your preparation should focus on the characteristics of capitalism and socialism, as well as other business concepts presented in the required material. Since your initial post in this discussion will examine the relation between running a business such as Uber and the laws and economic system of the nation(s) in which it operates, make sure to comb the material on Uber for laws, regulations, and the economic setting that affect its operations. You are encouraged to research relevant laws and regulations to make sure that you have current information. You will also need to review the material on the three ethical theories employed in the Week One Discussion as you will draw from that material for this week’s discussion too. Reflect: Keep in mind that Uber has presented itself into the market not as a transportation service but as a service that pairs consumers with ride sharing services by means of a unique phone app. But some sources—including the taxi industry and one California court finding (details in the required material), as well as the characterization of Uber presented in Section 3.4 of the textbook—seem to challenge this branding. According to these sources, Uber is avoiding laws that apply to the transportation industry and, thereby, usurping a rightful place that the taxi industry has carved for itself. Consumers, on the other hand, have shown their preference for Uber by a high demand for its services in the USA and abroad, including those countries in which Uber has been banned. Compared to taxis, Uber offers consumers an efficient system for procuring a ride even in remote areas where taxis do not frequent, a convenient payment method (no need for cash, and fares can be split among different users on the same ride), and significantly cheaper fares compared to taxis. In many instances, Uber cars come equipped with water, candy, and magazines, all for free. Uber drivers are also better off because they keep the majority of the fares for the rides that they service, which is exactly the opposite case of taxi drivers, and they can choose when they want to work. Clearly, this is a controversial case and thus very apt for the examination for this discussion. Keep in mind that a nation’s economic system is shaped by the laws that are in place. Accordingly, laws (including state regulations and local ordinances) will give you a clue for the kind of economic system that exists. Keep in mind also that most nations have mixed economies and there is probably no economic system that purely represents socialism or capitalism. So you will find a different combination of both socialism and capitalism in any nation that you are examining. Write: You have four tasks for your initial post. In order to present an organized post, address each one of these tasks in a separate paragraph and in the following order. Your first task is to articulate the economic system (or combination of characteristics of both socialism and capitalism) that such laws depict. Your second task is to examine the laws that either support or limit the operations by Uber. Your third task is to analyze how your findings from your first and second tasks affect Uber. And your fourth task is to present your moral position with regard to Uber. For this latter task, you will need to identify one of the three ethical theories covered in the Week One (utilitarianism, deontology, or virtue ethics) as support for the moral position that you are taking. For example, you may hold the moral position that Uber is morally justifiable because it provides a good for consumers that fills in a gap that had not been met by the taxi industry. Or you may take the position that Uber’s positioning in the market is morally wrong. Revise: Read the feedback provided by your professor to your initial post, either directly to you or to your fellow students. Use this as an opportunity to learn from your professor, especially with regard to the best ways to apply the course material and your research to your analysis. On the basis of what you have learned in this process, post an improved revision of your initial post that applies the additional knowledge that you have gained. Remember that your grade depends on the quality of your initial and revised responses, not just on the submission of an attempt at improvement. It is thus to your advantage to post the best initial post you can and then to also improve that best effort as much as you can through revision. Taking this process seriously will help you develop the skills you need to do well on the Final Project. Requirements for Your Initial Post: Your initial post should be at least 400 words in length and have citations and references in APA notation. It should address the prompt in its entirety. This means that you should not split your response to the prompt in multiple posts. Your examination should be both thorough and succinct. This is a combination that demands time and thought, so give yourself sufficient time to draft and revise. Please be advised that until you post, you will not see what your fellow students are posting. Once you submit your post, you will be able to view s from your other classmates. You can then proceed to reply to at least two different threads based on the required material for this discussion. Your list of references for your initial post should include the video and the other required material for this discussion, including Section 1.3 of the textbook on Starbucks, as well as the Instructor Guidance and any other announcements presented to you by your professor. Use all of the material presented to you in the course and by your professor, in addition to any other sources that you consulted to inform yourself about the case (but not Wikipedia or similar sources). Your research should seek scholarly articles or articles that offer factual or otherwise verifiable information. Your initial post for this discussion should be submitted no later than the end of Thursday (11:59 pm, U.S. Mountain time). Requirements for Replies to Other Threads: At least two of the four posts required should be in the form of replies to fellow classmates in threads other than your own. Each of your replies should be at least 200 words, and informed by the course material. As such, the replies must have citations and references in APA notation. Your list of references for each reply should include all of the course material that has informed your reply, in addition to any research that you have obtained on your own. Your replies should focus on the specific examination presented by your fellow students. Address (a) the characteristics of the relevant economic system as presented by your fellow student, (b) the analysis of how laws and/or the economic system affect Uber, as presented by your fellow student, or (c) the moral judgment presented by your fellow student. For any of these choices, you should examine whether the examination or analysis was carried out accurately and successfully. You are encouraged to disagree and challenge what was presented by your fellow student. This does not constitute an attack on your fellow student but an attempt to arrive at a better understanding and application of the material. But you need to provide reasons and support for your disagreement or challenge and propose a more accurate or defensible alternative. As mentioned in the Week One discussion, keep in mind that although the notion of the moral good will vary among ethical theories, they often produce the same or similar results. So make sure to distinguish (a) the intent and (b) the consequences of the action under examination. Requirements for Revising Your Initial Post: Submit a revision of your initial post by either replying to your own post or to the feedback provided to you by your professor. There is no minimum word requirement for your revised initial post. But you should always explain the reasons for revising your post so that it is clear what you are doing. If you are revising only a few words, or an application of an ethical theory, you should avoid submitting a post with vague language such as: “duty ethics works better here” or “I did not consider the economic system.” It is important to recognize that no one can read your mind so you need to provide the setting for your revision (Why? What prompted it? What course material informed you?), and it is important to write in clear language and complete sentences. Your revised initial post is your chance to correct any oversights or errors in your initial post, or to show your improved understanding of the material and its applications to the case at hand. You may, for example, come to the realization that another ethical theory is better than the one that you initially employed to support your position. Accordingly, your revision should indicate that you chose another ethical theory and an explanation why you find the replacement more suitable. Or, you might have realized that your conclusion did not take into account important factors necessary for your evaluation of the situation. You should maximize the improvement of your initial post by employing your professor’s feedback as a guide. Keep in mind that you may not always receive direct feedback from your professor. But your professor will have submitted feedback in the discussion to other posts. So read your professor’s feedback whether it is addressed to you directly or to other fellow students. This will give you much to think about and apply to your own post. If your professor or a fellow classmate responds to your revised initial post, and on this basis, you find good reason to submit yet another revision, then by all means do so. The more you improve your initial post, the more you will benefit both in terms of your learning and most likely your grade.
Activity-Based Costing / Caterpillar comparison essay assignment Don’t use plagiarized sources. Get Your Custom Essay on Activity-based costing / caterpillar
Activity-Based Costing / Caterpillar comparison essay assignment Don’t use plagiarized sources. Get Your Custom Essay on Activity-based costing / caterpillar comparison essay assignment Just from $13/Page Order Essay After reading thoroughly the article entitled ‘Product Costing at Caterpillar’ by Lou F. Jones from Management Accounting, February 1991, your assignment is to: 1. Compare and contrast product costing at Caterpillar with the activity-based costing systems (ABC) examined in the relevant chapter. This paper should be between 3–5 pages, double spaced. 2. Be sure to analyze the article in light of the major sections of the chapter on ABC costing which are: · Design of the costing system at CAT versus a traditional ABC system. · Comparison of ABC product costs with Caterpillar’s costing system. · Process improvement efforts under the Caterpillar system. Compare those efforts with process improvement efforts under ABC costing. · Compare external reports issued under CAT’s system as compared with traditional ABC costing external reports. 3. Use any definitions, formulas or excerpts from either the textbook or the Caterpillar paper that can be used as evidence to back up your paper. If direct quotes are used, be sure to reference them with footnotes. 4. The Caterpillar/ABC costing paper will be due at the time of the final exam, week 12. If finished before then, it can be handed in earlier.
For this assignment, you are given 3 brief crisis scenarios and 1 vignette to evaluate. Cite your work according to
For this assignment, you are given 3 brief crisis scenarios and 1 vignette to evaluate. Cite your work according to APA format. Legal and ethical issues, and issues of culture and diversity must be addressed when relevant. Don’t use plagiarized sources. Get Your Custom Essay on Psychology crisis evaluation87519a-4 | Psychology homework help Just from $13/Page Order Essay The entire assignment should be 5 pages total plus a title and reference page. Scenario OneA crisis worker encounters a client manifesting definite symptoms of an internalized transcrisis state. Describe the typical behaviors that such a client might emit during periods of emotional stress or when encountering stressful or anxiety producing events. Scenario TwoYou are a crisis worker that has been dispatched to help a woman who is being forcibly evicted from her home by the police. She raised her children in this house, which was built with insurance funds from when her husband’s brother died in a train accident. Outline how you would apply the SAFETY model to this case. Scenario ThreeYou are a crisis worker that has been called in to help with a client at a small substance abuse treatment clinic. The client is agitated and unable to sit still or attend to the group conversation. The therapist on site is concerned about the safety of the client as well as the safety of others in the room. Once you have met with the client you determine that he is not a physical danger to himself or the others. How do you decide the amount of direction you will use with this client? Which action strategies will you use to resolve this crisis? Vignette One The following vignette is designed for you to demonstrate your understanding of the assessment and intervention of crisis and trauma. You must include culture specific understanding and recognize legal and ethical issues present. Sheri is a 25-year-old, Iranian woman who came to the United States when she was 15 years old. Her family fled the country after her mother’s brother was killed. Though she did not witness his death, Sheri reports that she can still hear her mother’s cries and feel her sorrow. No one in the family was allowed to mention her uncle’s death once they arrived in the U.S. Sheri tells you she has fears of abandonment and is terrified of being alone. Sometimes she finds herself numb for no reason and tells you she feels like her life is a movie. Sheri is now married to a wonderful man and they have one 2-year old daughter who she loves dearly. At times, Sheri has the sensation that she is being stalked and fears that someone is going to kidnap her daughter. She admits to bouts of depression and sleep disturbances but says they are infrequent and do not last more than a day or two. She claims that her life is fulfilling and meaningful but sometimes “these attacks” worry her. Provide an assessment and intervention plan for Sheri. Remember to consider culture and legal/ethical issues in your response.
Assess the competitive environment (analysis of the strengths of the competitors), with consideration of success factors for the industry– Based
Assess the competitive environment (analysis of the strengths of the competitors), with consideration of success factors for the industry– Based on the Corporate strategy what should be the business level strategy for each SBU (see mini-lecture for help or chapter 7). Use the organizational structure from the Annual Report for SBUs recognition and BCG product portfolio analysis for identifying investment opportunities for each SBU.Refer to the performance (share price and key financial statistics) of the company, as to point out the strategic problem.Strategy and the environment are said to be dynamic. The strategy influences the stakeholders and the stockholders influence the strategy. For example when analyzing customer segments, firm’s identify the their target market that have buying behaviors are synergistic with the firm’s resource and capabilities and their strategic direction. They hire employees that have the knowledge to support the strategy. Similarly they form relationships with their channels and suppliers to help leverage their current resources and implement their strategy. Even stakeholders look at the firm and its strategy to assess the value of the organization (this value can be for value that they add for each stakeholder) and its long term viability In your discussion of the strategy of the firm discuss these factors and the impact of the strategy on each of the firm’s stakeholders.– recommendation of the strategy addressing strategic problem(s)– implementation– evaluation and control Don’t use plagiarized sources. Get Your Custom Essay on Starbucks case study | Human Resource Management homework help Just from $13/Page Order Essay
1. The stem-and-leaf diagram below displays the number of vacation days taken in 1997 by a sample of 40 employees
Writing Assignment Writing Service1. The stem-and-leaf diagram below displays the number of vacation days taken in 1997 by a sample of 40 employees of an electronics company. Stem Leaves0 00123334456889 Stem unit = ten1 0001111344562 00001234683 001 4 3 Don’t use plagiarized sources. Get Your Custom Essay on Statistics assignment problems | Mathematics homework help Just from $13/Page Order Essay Referring to the stem-and-leaf display above, what PERCENTAGE of employees took 30 or more vacationdays? A. 10 B. 0.05 C. 5 D. 4 E. 0.10 QUESTIONS #2 THROUGH #4 USE THE DATA GIVEN BELOW. A survey was taken to determine how much time UHD students spend doing homework per week. The random sample of UHD students resulted in the frequency distribution shown below.Time (in hours) Frequency0 and under 2 42 and under 4 64 and under 6 11 6 and under 8 188 and under 10 2610 and under 12 5 2. The class width is: A. 10.00 B. 2.00 C. 12.00 D. 1.99 E. 100 3. What would be the APPROXIMATE shape of the frequency histogram? A. bell-shaped B. skewed to the right C. skewed to the leftD. bi-modal E. none of these 4. What PERCENTAGE of the students studied less than 6 hours? A. 11 B. 70 C. 0.16 D. 30 E. 0.3 5. For a large survey of students, this graph would most likely describe: A. Students’ music preference (rock=0, opera=1)B. Students’ handed-ness (right=0, left=1)C. Students’ political partiesD. Students’ heights in inches QUESTIONS #6 THROUGH #9 USE THE DATA GIVEN BELOW. A random sample of eleven college students were surveyed and asked what brand of laptop they use and how long the battery lasted after the last full charge: Laptop Brand: Samsung, Dell, HP, Apple, Dell, HP, Dell, Toshiba, Dell, HP, AppleBattery Life (hours): 9, 6, 4, 9, 6, 3, 8, 10, 9, 5, 8 Assuming this data reflects all students: 6. Assuming this data reflects all students at the college, what brand of laptop would you expect the averageor typical student to own? A. Samsung B. HP C. Toshiba D. Apple E. Dell 7. A ____________ could be used to display the frequencies of the battery life data, and a ____________ could be used to display the frequencies of the laptop brands. A. pie chart ; histogram B. bar chart ; stem-and-leaf display C. histogram ; bar chart D. stem-and-leaf display ; histogramE. histogram; stem and leaf 8. What would be the mean time the batteries lasted since the last full charge (in hours)? A. 9 B. 8 C. 7 D. 10 E. 7.5 9. The sample standard deviation of these battery lives, rounded to the nearest hundredth, would be: A. 2.32 B. 2.65 C. 7.00 D. 5.40 E. 2.22 QUESTIONS #10 THROUGH #13 REFER TO THE FOLLOWING EXCEL OUTPUT: Over the last 6 months, monthly returns (%) were tracked for 4 stock funds. FUND 1 FUND 2 FUND 3 FUND 4January 15 15 24 23February 12 13 15 24March 11 10 13 24April 18 5 9 24May 16 19 19 22June 11 10 13 25 FUND 1 FUND 2 FUND 3 FUND 4Mean 13.83333333 12 15.5 23.66666667Standard Error 1.194896555 1.966384161 2.156385865 0.421637021Median 13.5 11.5 14 24Mode 11 10 13 24Standard Deviation 2.926886856 4.816637832 5.282045058 1.032795559Sample Variance 8.566666667 23.2 27.9 1.066666667Kurtosis -1.810019834 0.14343044 0.254750067 0.5859375Skewness 0.388189509 0.032215919 0.71453263 -0.665669013Range 7 14 15 3Minimum 11 5 9 22Maximum 18 19 24 25Sum 83 72 93 142Count 6 6 6 6 10. Which of these funds carries the most risk with respect to monthly returns? A. Fund 4 B. Fund 3 C. Fund 2 D. Fund 1 E. none of these 11. Assuming an approximately normal distribution of return rates for Fund 4, we would expect APPROXIMATELY 95% of the monthly return rates for Fund 4 to be in which of the following intervals? A. (20.57 , 26.77) B. (22, 25) C. (22.63, 24.70) D. (23.25 , 24.07) E. (21.6 , 25.73) 12. The 50th percentile of Fund 3’s monthly returns would be ________? A. 14 B. 15 C. 11.5 D. 13 E. 15.5 13. Consider the January monthly returns for Fund 1 and Fund 2. Relative to their own fund, which Januaryreturn had the better performance? A. They were the same B. Fund 1 C. Fund 2 D. cannot be determined QUESTIONS #14 AND #15 USE THE TABLE GIVEN BELOW. The table contains the probability distribution for the number of televisions per household in the United States. X P(X)0 .081 .252 .383 .194 .085 .02 14. What is the expected number of televisions per household? A. 2.0 B. 2.1 C. 2.5 D. 3.0 E. 2.8 15. What is the probability that a household has more than 2 televisions? A. 0.71 B. 0.67 C. 0.38 D. 0.33 E. 0.29 QUESTIONS #16 AND #17 PERTAIN TO THE FOLLOWING: A study has shown that 30% of all students taking finance at Bellaire College fail the first exam. A random sample of 12 students taking finance at Bellaire College is selected. 16. Find the probability that less than 5 students will fail the first finance exam. A. 0.1179 B. 0.1585 C. 0.2764 D. 0.7236 E. 0.8821 17. On average, how many students would you expect to fail the first finance exam? A. 8.4 B. 3.6 C. 1.5 D. 1.2 E. 1.90 18. Determine P(-1.3 < Z < 0.16) for a standard normal distribution. A. 0.3396 B. 0.4668 C. -0.4668 D. -0.5332 E. 0.9032 19. The heights of women have a normal distribution with mean μ = 64 inches and VARIANCE of σ2 = 4 inches. Let X = height of a woman and find P(X 58,600 B. H0: μ = 58,600 Ha: μ ≠ 58,600 C. H0: μ > 70,000 Ha: μ ≤ 70,000 D. H0: μ ≥ 70,000 Ha: μ 0 D. Ho: 1 = 228 vs. Ha: 1 = 228 QUESTIONS #36 THROUGH #40 REFER TO THE FOLLOWING: A professor wants to analyze the number of hours students spent online during the weekend and their scores on a test the following Monday. Part of the regression output appears below. Coefficients Standard Error t Stat P-valueIntercept 93.97 4.52 2.77 0.050693Hours Online -4.07 0.86 -4.73 0.008048 R Square 0.69105342 36. Interpret the SLOPE of the least squares line. A. For every additional hour spent online, the predicted test score increases by 93.97 points, on average. B. For every additional hour spent online, the predicted test score decreases by 4.07 points, on averageC. For every additional hour spent online, the predicted test score increases by 4.52 points, on average.D. For every 1 point increase in test score, the predicted time spent online decreases by 4.07 hrs, on average E. For every 1 point increase in test score, the predicted time spent online increases by 93. min. on average. 37. Determine the value of the test statistic that the manager used to test whether test score is a useful predictor of performance. A. -4.73 B. 4.52 C. 93.97 D. 2.77 E. -4.07 38. At the .05 level, the professor could conclude that the time spent online by students over the weekend is auseful predictor of test scores the following Monday. A. TRUE B. FALSE 39. What is the least squares regression equation?A. B. C. D. 40. _________________is the percentage of variation in performance explained by test score. A. 93.974% B. 86% C. 4.07% D. 69.11% E. 0.69%
This week’s discussion board is designed to have you consider how rights vary across “time and space”. In other words
This week’s discussion board is designed to have you consider how rights vary across “time and space”. In other words which rights are chosen to be included in constitutions and how these rights are defined and interpreted vary across countries and across states in the United States at the same point in time (the space dimension) and vary at different points in time within the same country. As you compare the U.S Bill of Rights and the Florida Declaration of Rights, on the one hand, with the European Union Charter, look for example at how rights concerning religion are described. Likewise, can you detect any differences in provisions for capital punishment or gun rights. Can you locate the right to privacy in the U.S. Bill of Rights? Is it found in the Florida Constitution or in the EU Charter? When you examine the European Charter on Human Rights do see any rights listed there that aren’t in Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution? Hint: Notice that the EU Charter contains a number of social and economic rights. Why would such rights be found in the EU Charter but not in the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights? Give examples of what you discover and think about why these differences may exist. Keep in mind that these versions of “rights” were written at different points in history (the time dimension again). For example, the U.S. Bill of Rights were written in 1789 and ratified in 1791. The EU Charter evolved late in the 20th century. Does this time line tell us anything about how to think about rights? Don’t use plagiarized sources. Get Your Custom Essay on Compare u.s. bill of rights Just from $13/Page Order Essay Lesson 2 also has a link to the Pennsylvania Constitution, in case you want to examine that document as well. Article I is the Declaration of Rights
Purpose This week’s graded topics relate to the following Course Outcomes (COs). Don’t use plagiarized sources. Get Your Custom Essay
Purpose This week’s graded topics relate to the following Course Outcomes (COs). Don’t use plagiarized sources. Get Your Custom Essay on Data analysis and results | US Just from $13/Page Order Essay CO 2: Apply research principles to the interpretation of the content of published research studies. (PO 4
” to be a negro in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a rage almost
” to be a negro in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a rage almost all the time.” James Baldwin Don’t use plagiarized sources. Get Your Custom Essay on Health and wellness | English homework help Just from $13/Page Order Essay According to the netbook Life Span Development A Topical Approach by Robert S. Feldman, Researchers in the field of PSYCHONEUROIMMUNOLOGY (PNI), the study of the relationships among the brain, the immune system, and psychological factors, have found that stress produces several outcomes. Stress may lead to PSYCHOSOMATIC DISORDERS: medical problems caused by the interaction of psychological, emotional, and physical difficulties. Utilize the quote by James Baldwin cited above; the concept of wellness purported by Nobles: the concept of “White Spaces” by Elijah Anderson and your textbook to construct a 7-10 page paper to address the experience of stress across the lifespan; examine threats to health and wellness faced by children, adolescents and adults (across the lifespan). The paper should include an analysis of the consequences of stress and mechanisms people use for coping with stress (adaptive and maladaptive). The book: Third edition Life Span and Development Chapter 4 Health and Wellness Article 1: African Well-Being and the Healing of Humanity by Wade W. Nobles Ph.D. Article 2: The White Space by Elijah Anderson

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