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30 Jun

Draw a conceptual schema for the specification


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Draw a conceptual schema for the specification of a database domain listed above. Use the notation of UML simplified class diagrams explained to you during this subject. Note: you are not allowed to use any artificial identifiers and any attributes that are not mentioned in the specification. Use UMLet to draw the schema and paste images of your drawings into your Microsoft Word document. Add your name, student number and the date to your diagram. There is NO NEED to provide a detailed analysis of how a conceptual schema has been created. The final conceptual schema expressed in the UML simplified notation classes is subject is sufficient. Add two (2) new object classes with at least three (3) attributes each and appropriate associations. The choice of object classes, attributes and associations are up to you; however, these should relate to the existing scenario. Use UMLet to draw the changes to the schema and paste the second diagram into your Microsoft Word document. Write a text description that explains the additional objects, attributes and associations below the diagram.

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