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31 May

Emotional Intelligence, and 360 degree assessments


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Diby thinks a team-building session for his management team is required. He knows a facilitator who is well known for providing workshops on Emotional Intelligence, and 360 degree assessments for leaders using the Bar-On EQi assessment by MHS. His friend has worked with another management development consultant, and thinks that Diby would be better off using the Psychometrics 360 assessment to develop his leadership team, and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) as the basis for a team-building session for both his managers and supervisors. It sounds like both of the 360 assessments will cost about $1000 per participant — that includes an online assessment, one on one debriefing regarding the results with the Executive Coach, and another follow-up coaching session. The MBTI workshop, on the other hand, would cost about $3500 for a one day session with the entire management and supervisor group. Diby googled the assessments and discovered that Psychometris also has something called the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) , Firo-B, and the Work Personality Index. The colleague he chatted with told him they all cost about the same, between the assessment and the facilitation fees, so he should base his decision on how well they will meet his needs_Diby knows that his management team lacks awareness about how they are perceived by each other and others. He doesn’t want to lose anyone, but the current situation cannot continue.HEALTH AND SAFETY Last year, one of the bank tellers was off work for 6 rrieTths due to back problems. ITellers need to stand at the counters for their shifts, and this can be clifficulT for older workers and anyone with pre-existing health conditions that impact a person’s ability to stand for long hour The tekr_de5ks themselves are quite tall, cyliberately, as they provide a safety barrier between the public and the credit union staff. (“The keyboard trays for the computers are fixed in place, and sometimes cause issues for shorter sta who have to have their arms at an awkward angle-to use then). However, there has been no timeloss due to repetitive st6in or ergnomic Issues, other than this one employee. 15.S/u e—Another employee took time off work after a traumatic incident. A customer of the TVCU had lost his job and was unable to make his mortgage payments. His home was put in foreclosure, and the customer told his loans officer that he would kill himself if he lost his home. Unfortunately, because no payments were forethcoming, the credit union took posession of the home and sold it. The customer subsequently wrote a letter to the credit union, stating that this was the reason he was killing himself and blaming the “heartless” employees of the credit union for the situation, shortly before taking his own life. There were three other significant incidents last year, all to do with low-income customers with mental health issues threatening is and demanding money from their accounts, even when there was no money in those accounts.4 each case the customers threatened to “6:34after” the employees sometime “when they weren’t expectingit.”. In those three incidents the RCMP were called and responde workers involved in the incidents were shaken and ended up takin time off. There are regularly challenging customer behaviours, often around the first week of the month (when rents are due) and
payments are issued) that cause stress for the staff. .These in( ;dents in( huh. ( 11•,1ortier., r 11114,, at teller:!, or makin-g o-bscene (,uggestions, kicki.n_Ldoors or desk,— (011101i111(‘‘. h()1110(..,’■ p(‘Ople irj the A r M vf-A ibule, and staff have to ask them to moveon 1,ef()Ie t !ley (-an ()pill the ( iiiiion(IVIany staff report feeling unsafe leaving after dark)T hese prohl(iii.„iic it teasing as 11w horneley, population increases, drug addictions increase due to the ()plod epidetii►( , and so( i.,I welfare rates remain stagnant. While the ( ‘edit union needs to have security protocols in place in case of a robbery, there has been no planned mhbery in any 01 the branches. f ach Branch Manager is responsible to organize a fire drill once per month.STAFFINGCI he entry level position at the Credit Union is the Teller / Customer Service representative. Most branches have four full-time Tellers, as well as a number of part-time Tellers who work on week-ends arid also provide on-call relief.Once a Teller has a few years of experience, they may be promoted to a Personal Banking Associate, /serving customers who have multiple accounts (business, personal, investment) with the bank_Each branch has 2 Loan Specialists, who work with customers (individual or commercial clients) to grant loans for mortgages, cars, lines of credit, etc.Each branch as one Financial Planner and a Senior Financial Services Representative. These individuals must have a (Mutual Funds License (Canadian Securities Course or Investment Funds in Canada), and TVCU sponsors Tellers and Loan Spedalists for the costs associated with these licenses. / ‘A/1/‘’-‘)-L Each branch of the Credit Union has a Branch Manager.
POLICIES AND PROCEDURES Employee policies and procedures, include:, • Bullying / Flarassrnent policy which was adopted from WorkSafe BC’s template • Robbery Policy and Procedure • Dire Evacuation Plan and Security Protocol • Employee dress code (Business Casual) HIRING PROCESS Vacancies are posted on the Credit Union’s website.the Branch Manager is responsible for sc reenin1, interviewing and selecting Tellers. fin. Regional Director and Branth Manager are both involved with selecting Loan Officers arid Financial p1,-inner(). These positions are promo( opportunities so an excellent performance evaluation is required and vacancies come ilvditable, the uranch Managers are canvassed for their re( olninendat ions, While all die eligible to apply, relocation allowances would only be provided if there were no suitable appit( (um, at the local branch.

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