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5 Feb

Encoding Scheme and Comparison Ratio | Good Grade Guarantee!

Find encoding scheme and comparison ratio achieved by applying the algorithm to S2.
[Remarks: 1- The encoding scheme here will have 16 lines
2- the assumption about the relative frequency of S s ; please do not come to believe that this assumption is necessarily valid , or even necessarily a good approximation of reality]
C) Compute the source entropy and the Shannon bond on the compression ratio.
The Set:
S= {S1,…..,s9} has the story posing property, Find S9 also find all possible “Leaves” (left overs) of binary files parsed , left to right by S.
S1 = 0100
S2 = 0101
S3 = 001
S4 = 000
S5 = 110
S6 = 101
S7 = 111
S8 = 100
S9 = ?
Question 2:
Find the encoding scheme for replacing S1…..S7 obtained by the methods of
b) Fano;
c) Huffman;
d)Also, compute the compression ratio achieved by each of these methods, on files from the certain source referred to compute the Shannon bound on the compression ratio, in these circumstances.
S= {0, 1}2={s1,s2,s3,s4}, where s1= 00,s2=01, s3=10, and s4=11, These occure with relative frequencies f1=6, f2=f3=15, f4=1, [from which you can inform that the original file has a lot of errors, compares to ones]
a) find the encoding scheme and the comparison ratio arrived at by applying Haffman’s algorithm to S, with these source frequencies.
b) Assume that each s,s, s2 occurs with relative frequency f,f in the source stream.

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