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50011 – ITECH7406- Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing,

ITECH7406- Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing, SEM2, 2019Assignment 1-2-3ASSIGNMENTS 1-2-3 CONSISTS• INDIVIDUAL ANALYTIC REPORT (10%)• TEAM REPORT (10%)• TEAM PRESENTATION (10%)There are new and exciting developments that are taking place in the Business Intelligence literature that is constantly shaping the use and implementation of Business Intelligence and Data warehousing tools and applications in organizations. This objective of this assessment is to:(i) provide a forum for students to investigate the practice, approaches and understanding of business intelligence as it is being applied in the real world to realize organizational objectives.(ii) allow students to show innovation and creativity in applying SAP Business Object/Predictive Analytics/any other analytical tool and designing useful visualization for different datasets.Students are expected to select a data set of choice and through research into the literature and analytics on selected dataset, provide answer to one (1) of the of the following research questions:1. How can data analytics provide (business) value to users and/or organisations?2. How do cultural and/or organisational issues impact the data analytics over the selected data set?3. What is the impact of data analytics to the related industry sector (any new business models, new types of services, new regulations, etc. could be resulted in)?Some datasets/sources:http://data.un.org/Explorer.aspx http://data.worldbank.org/topic/environmenthttps://data.oecd.org/http://geodata.grid.unep.ch/http://open-data.europa.eu/en/data/publisher/eea https://www.data.gov/https://data.world/datasets/salesOnce a team has been formed, and a dataset selected, there are three deliverables to this assessment.1. First, each student is expected to apply one analytical tool to develop innovative analytics and visualization of the selected dataset. This will be submitted as an individual report (1500 words) in week 8.Note: Each member of the team must select a different analytical tool for the same data set.2. Second, the team will be required to integrate the data analytics performed by each team member. This will be delivered as a 10 minute presentation in Week 10.3. Finally, the team will submit a research report that draws on the dataset, to answer one of the research questions. The report should include a comparison and integration of the tools/solutions/visualisations included in the individual data analytic reports. (3000 Words)Group report must include at least 10 references.Please note that all references must adhere to APA style.Marks would depend on the following factors:1. Depth of research to illustrate the BI application chosen2. Quality of reference provided3. Quality of overall team presentation4. Quality of report writing.Make sure your follow formal report structure with cover page, introduction, use of headings, subheadings, conclusions and reference section.You are reminded to read the “Plagiarism” section of the course description. Your essay should be a synthesis of ideas from a variety of sources expressed in your own words.A passing grade will be awarded to assignments adequately addressing all assessment criteria. Higher grades require better quality and more effort. For example, a minimum is set on the wider reading required. A student reading vastly more than this minimum will be better prepared to discuss the issues in depth and consequently their report is likely to be of a higher quality. So before submitting, please read through the assessment criteria very carefully.Assignment 1- Individual Analytics ReportPercentage 10%Due Week 8 (Friday 5pm) – Moodle SubmissionTasks MaxMarks Marks Awarded CommentsWhat are the BI reporting solution/dashboards you will need to develop for the Senior Executives of chosen dataSet– You must have at least two types of analytics i.ePredictive/prescriptive/ descriptive 2Design Mobile application using QR code for your insights /solutions/dashboard – Please provide your QR code in your assignment 1Justify why these BI reporting solution/dashboards are chosen and why those attributes are present and laid out in the fashion you proposed (feel free to include all other relevant justifications using the academic articles). Note: To ensure that you discuss this task properly, you must include visual samples of the reports you produce (i.e. the screenshots of the BI report/dashboard must be presented and explained in the written report; use ‘Snipping tool’), and also include any assumptions that you may have made about the analysis in your assignment report (i.e. the report to the senior executive team of the company). 2Furthermore, the CEO would like to improve the operations. Based on your BI analysis and the insights gained from “Data Set”, make some logical recommendations to the CEO, and justify why/how your proposal could enhance company operations, sales etc. Include the relevant screenshots of the BI analysis, and also any assumptions that you may have made about the analysis. 3Report is well-written and presented professionally, containing:• Title page• Executive Summary (outlining the scope of report, key findings and recommendations)• Table of Contents• Appropriate use of headings within report• Appropriate use of figures (i.e. graphs, summary tables) and• References (APA Style)- in text and bibliography (10 articles)3Total Marks 10Total Percentage 10%Team ReportWeighting: 10% for Team ReportStudent IDs:Assessment Criteria:Score Very Good Good Satisfactory Unsatisfactory (0)Layout/1 marks Information is well organized, well written, with proper grammar and punctuation are used throughout. Correct layout used. Information is organized, well written, with proper grammar and punctuation. Correct layout used. Information is somewhat organized, proper grammar and punctuation mostly used. Correct layout used.Information is somewhat organized, but proper grammar and punctuation not always used. Some elements of layout incorrect.Structure/1 marks Structure guidelines enhanced Structure guidelines followed exactly Structure guidelines mostly followed. Some elements of structure omittedIntroduction/1 marks Introduces the topic of the report in an extremely engaging manner which arouses the readers interest. Gives a detailed general background and indicates the overall -plan- of the paper. Introduces the topic of the report in an engaging manner which arouses the readers interest.Gives some general background and indicates the overall -plan- of the paper. Satisfactorily introduces the topic of the report.Gives a general background.Indicates the overall -plan- of the paper. Introduces the topic of the report, but omits a general background of the topic and/or the overall -plan- of the paper.Discussion of topics/4 marks All topics discussed in depth. Displays deep analysis of issues with no irrelevant info. Consistently detailed discussion. Displays sound understanding with some analysis of issues and no irrelevant information Most topics are adequately discussed.Displays some understanding and analysis of issues. Inadequate discussion of issues Little/no demonstrated understanding or analysis of most issues and/or some irrelevant information.Conclusion/1 marks An interesting, well written summary of the main points.An excellent final comment on the subject, based on the information provided. A good summary of the main points.A good final comment on the subject, based on the information provided. Satisfactory summary of the main points.A final comment on the subject, but introduced new material. Poor/no summary of the main points.A poor final comment on the subject and/or new material introduced.Referencing/2marks Correct referencing (APA). All quoted material in quotes and acknowledged. All paraphrased material acknowledged. Correctly set out reference list. Mostly correct referencing (APA). All quoted material in quotes &acknowledged. All paraphrased material acknowledged.Mostly correct setting out reference list. Mostly correct referencing (APA ) Some problems with quoted material and paraphrased materialSome problems with the reference list. Not all material correctly acknowledged.Some problems with the reference list.SubTotal/10 marksTeam PresentationWeighting: 10% for Team PresentationEach team is expected to create and present a 10-minute overview of integrated data analytics report.Student IDs:Assessment Criteria:Criteria MarksIntroduction/1Content – integration, comparison, findings, implications/5Conclusion/1Presentation Style eg clarity, engagement/2Timing (10 minutes)/1Total /10General Comments:

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