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ACC2002Assessment Number1Assessment

Unit Name/CodeAssessment TypeAccounting Information Systems/ACC2002Assessment Number1Assessment NameResearch ReportUnit Learning OutcomesUnit Learning OutcomeGraduate Attributes AssessedAssessedULO1: Demonstrate anunderstanding of the role ofGA1: Communicationaccounting information systems inGA3: Researchsupporting the operations of anGA4: Critical thinking and problemorganization.solvingULO2: Examine the role of ethicsGA5: Ethical behaviorand ethical decision making in theGA6: Flexibilityaccounting information systemscontext.ULO4: Analyze and documentbusiness processes in an accountinginformation systems context.Due Date and TimeFriday 30 August 17:00PMWeighting10%Assessment DescriptionFor this assignment you will have to prepare a paper that critically discussestwo cloud-based AIS and how organizations apply the strategic use of AIS toachieve IS/IT-enabled innovation.Detailed SubmissionTurnitin on MoodleRequirementsRubric for Report (10 marks)RequirementsTotalHigh DistinctionDistinctionCredit PassPassFailDepth and Breadth of Coverage5%All aspects of theMost aspects of theMost aspects ofBasic aspectsResponses are superficial and /question arequestion arethe question areof theor inadequately addressed theDemonstrating understanding oraddressed inaddressed in depth.addressedquestion arequestion.interpretation of key functions of AISdepth.adequately.addressedDescription of each AIS with their featuresadequately.Comparisons between the AIS (strength and weakness)recommendation for4.5 to 53.5 to 4.43 to 3.42.5 to 2.90 to 2.4improvementCritical Elements2.5%The written workThe written workThe written workThe writtenThe written work demonstratesshows great depthshows someshows evidencework is mainlylimited understanding of the topic.of thought,evidence ofof elementarydescriptive,excellentanalysis, supportedanalysis and theshowing basicdevelopment ofby logical argumentdevelopment ofunderstandingargument, logicaland insight into theargument.of the topic.analysis andsubject.insight into thesubject.2.2 to 2.51.9 to 2.11.6 to 1.81.3 to 1.50 to 1.2Structure, Language and Conventions2.5%All aspects of theMost aspects of theMost aspects ofThe writtenThe written work is not of anwritten workwritten workthe written workwork displaysacademic / professional standard.conform to a highconform to a highconform to anbasicacademic /academic /acceptablestructure.professionalprofessionalacademic /standard.standard.professionalstandard.2.2 to 2.51.9 to 2.11.6 to 1.81.3 to 1.50 to 1.2

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