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Develop the project plan of project base

Word Limit- 1500 words (+/- 10%) Citation Format – APA References – You are require to consult and fully reference a Minimum of 3 references from 2 different sources of information(e.g., book; www ; journal article from full-text databases; current affairs magazine ; newspaper etc.) Assignment You are appointed a Project Manager in charge of organizing and planning a project .Select only ONE of the project titles below: 1. A Company retreat to another country 2. To launch a company product with keynote address 3. To manage moving the company to another location or renovation a unit in a company Develop the project plan of your chosen project base on the following S/N Description Content 1 Introduction of the project (Description of the chosen project ) – 10% 2 Project Scope Statement (6 Item check list) – 30% 3 Establish Project Priorities (Justify the matrix ) – 15% 4 Create the work breakdown structure (explain the work packages ) 30% 5 Cost estimation (including a time phase budget) 15%
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