Excel Workbook and the Business Report

2,000 words
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Submit two files; Excel Workbook and the Business Report. This Excel Workbook is available on Blackboard under assessment section. Download it, perform calculations on it and submit it.
Include a reference list to any textbooks, websites or other resources used to prepare the answers including references to suppliers that the costing was based on.
For every task, show all workings through appropriate Excel formulas. Copy pasted numbers without appropriate Excel formulas will not be accepted.
Unless otherwise instructed, round your numerical answers to two decimal places.
Option 1 – Sales and Marketing Department Assessment
As per information provided in part A of the case study, the owners of the Crystal Hotel are planning to renovate and refurbish the hotel. A part of the redevelopment plan is to build a Wellness Centre on the rooftop of the hotel. The Sales and Marketing Manager volunteered to help with this project. He is a strong believer that it would bring the hotel up to the next level and that it would attract additional customers to the hotel.
Due to the location of the hotel being within proximity to the business district of Parramatta, he believes that the Wellness Centre should be opened to external clients as well. He suggests employing a full time, in-house trainer and a part-time dietician. He believes selling monthly membership including training sessions and dietary advice will attract additional clients who may then promote the hotel to their employers for accommodation and other business-related services.
The marketing manager wants to be well prepared to support the Wellness Centre project and needs help with few tasks from your team.
Once the Crystal Hotel Wellness Centre is ready for opening, it will need to be promoted to existing and potential new clients. There is already an opening event (luncheon) planned which is handled by the Functions and Events Department. The overall budget for promoting the opening of the centre is $35,000. The opening luncheon is budgeted to cost $23,000.
Your team has been appointed to plan additional promotional activities for the remaining $12,000. The budget is aimed for the promotion of the opening of the centre only. Continuous promotional activities as well as online advertising will be handled separately.
The marketing team has done initial research and the promotional activities to be considered are listed in the Appendix 3. Negotiated pricing has been included as well.
Choose suitable promotional activities from the list provided to you and create a promotional budget for the Crystal Hotel Wellness Centre opening. Justify your choice of activities.
Executive Summary – An executive summary provides a succinct summary of the content within the report. It presents information in such a way that readers are able to understand the intention and key elements of the report without having to read the entire document. This section is not included in the word count
Table of Contents – A summary of the sections and pages numbers
Introduction – The introduction sets the scene and provides context for the aim. It provides background to the issues being addressed only
Main Discussion – (Rename the headings/sub-headings to reflect your report). This section should provide information regarding the analysis you undertook addressing the key deliverables ie Tasks 1 – 4.
Conclusion – The conclusion restates the aim then provides a brief and concise summary of the discussion to demonstrate that the aim of the report has been achieved. No new information is to be included in the conclusion
Recommendations – Recommendations represent the next steps derived from the report. For example, if your report concludes that a new equipment is required to address for purchase then the next steps will include obtaining finance to purchase the new equipment and mobilising a team to explore options for layout, signage, instructions for use etc
References – Please use the correct APA referencing style and list in alphabetical order. It is recommended that you use reference management software such as EndNote or Mendeley to make the job of referencing simple and straightforward. Remember, every factual statement in your report will require a reference.
Appendices – This is where you provide supporting material which is unsuitable for inclusion in the body of the report, but still has some value to contribute to the report.


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