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Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

Assessment 2 Information

Subject Name:
Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
Assessment Title:
New venture short business plan (2500 words)

My product is that using coffee ground to produce anti-aging skincare product

Assessment Details
Your business plan will follow the format given follow as:
• Executive summary.
• Company description
• Market analysis and environmental scan
• Organisation & management: vision, mission and values
• Service or product line and business unit/product unit analysis and direction
• Marketing & sales: positioning, targeting and integrated marketing planning
• Functional level objectives and goals and budgetary funding request
• Financial projections and key performance measures
• Action planning and scheduling across all function plans
• Contingency and measurement
You will then make a recommendation for the future development of your new idea.
The word limit for this subject is 2500 words maximum and your document, however, must contain standard business reporting components such as a title page, executive summary, introduction and conclusion. You should also support your business plan using figures and tables and offer secondary source evidence where required.

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