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Human Resources Manager

The Human Resources Manager of a small company is investigating use of and satisfaction with the staff canteen. He decides to run a small survey of staff members.
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(a) Suggest two categorical questions that could be asked in the survey, one nominal and one ordinal.
(b) Suggest two numerical questions that could be asked in the survey, one discrete and one continuous.
(c) The Manager is considering distributing the survey by leaving copies on the tables in the canteen, and placing a box at the exit for the completed surveys to be posted.
Discuss briefly any disadvantages of this method, and suggest an alternative.
Q2 The data file Carseats.xls contains information on a company’s sales of child carseats at a number of different locations. The “Info” tab in the worksheet gives a list of the variables and their meanings.
(a) Construct a % frequency distribution for the sales and use this to complete the table below: [3]
Frequency Table for Sales of Car Seats
Sales (in 1000s) Midpoint Frequency % Frequency
0 < x ≤ 2
2< x ≤ 4
4< x ≤ 6
6< x ≤ 8
8< x ≤ 10
10< x ≤ 12
12< x ≤ 14
14< x ≤ 16
16< x ≤ 18
(b) In Excel, construct a histogram illustrating the frequency distribution, and insert this into your assignment. Comment on what it shows. [6]
(c) Calculate summary statistics for the data and use them to complete the table below, rounding your answers to 2 decimal places:
Statistic Sales (1000s)
1st quartile
3rd quartile
Interquartile range
Standard deviation
(d) Using the appropriate variables in Carseat.xls, draw side-by-side boxplots to examine the effect of shelf location on sales. Comment on what they show.
Q3 Refer back to the file Carseat.xls used in Question 2.