Identify a pregnant or breastfeeding woman, an infant, or a child. Ask them to keep a 3-day food…

Identify a pregnant or breastfeeding woman, an infant, or a child. Ask them to keep a 3-day food journal.
Identify a pregnant or breastfeeding woman, an infant, or a child. Ask them to keep a 3-day food journal. Once this is done, do an interview with the woman (if pregnant or nursing) or the parent/ caregiver to gather dietary information and to find out if there are any issues. Include a copy of the 3-day food journal with your write-up. Analyze it using and do a 3 page (maximum) write up of the results. Hard copies of the assignment must be turned in. The assignment must be typed, double-spaced and professionally presented. Please no folders. Make sure your name is on the assignment, preferably in the header. If the assignment is late, 5 points will be deducted for each day after the assignment is due.
Instructions:• Step A: Have the pregnant or breastfeeding woman, or the caretaker of a child, record their dietary intake for a three-day period, using 2 weekdays and 1 weekend day. Ask them to try not to change their usual eating behavior just because they are recording. Record anything that they consume including condiments, mints, diet sodas, water, and gum.• Step B: Create a profile for them at and enter their 3-day intake.• Step C: Write-Up: Please answer the following questions (all parts of the question) to complete your assignment. Provide short, well thought out and clear answers. Start by introducing us to the person. However, do not use their first and last name. Initials are okay. Analyze the results from MyPlate, keeping in mind that over the three days, variability will probably occur. You may generalize your responses over the results from the 3 days. Then, answer these questions:
1. Using the NUTRIENTS REPORT – How does their nutrient intake compare with recommended ranges for calories, protein, fiber and fat? Do they meet the RDAs for all of their micronutrients? If not, what are they missing and what are some specific and practical suggestions to resolve any inadequacies? PRINT THESE PAGES FOR EACH DAY.2. Using the FOOD GROUPS AND CALORIES REPORT – Do they meet the MyPlate recommendations for all food categories? If not, what are they missing? PRINT THESE PAGES FOR EACH DAY.3. Weight and Energy Balance: Determine their current BMI. If they are pregnant or nursing, what was their BMI before pregnancy and are they gaining an appropriate amount of weight so far or is their weight okay postpartum? PLOT ON THE WEIGHT GAIN CHART. If your write up is of a child, make sure to use the CDC growth charts to determine what percentile their BMI is. Is it in the acceptable range? PLOT ON THE APPROPRIATE CDC GROWTH CHART. List 3 strategies that will maintain, increase, or reduce their present weight, depending on their personal needs.

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