Literacy and Communication for Health Care

NUR1102 Literacy and Communication for Health CareS1 2019 Assessment 1
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Description Marks out of Wtg (%) Due DateA1 Written Assignment 100 50 01 April 2019
Task 1: Forum Posts (15%)There are two tasks in this assignment: your online discussion forum posts and a 1200 word scenario task.
Task 1: Online discussion forum activity posts (weeks 2- 4) (15%) = 3 posts
You need to take a screen shot of each of the following posts to your group forum and copy them onto your assignment document. s include:
Your response to a peer’s post to the Week 2 online forum group(5 marks) (due 11th March)
Your post to your week 3 group forums (5 marks) (due 18th March)
Your post to your week 4 group forums (5 marks) (due 25th March)
Task 2: Scenario Essay (35%)
Select one of the two communication scenarios presented below and write a 1200 word essay that analyses the scenario in relation to nursing communication. In your assignment, you need to draw on:
Concepts taught this semester (for example person centred care, family centred care, nursing governances, etc.) to strengthen and support your assignment.
Communication Frameworks that can be applied to overcome the ineffective communication displayed in the scenario (for example: managing aggression, assertive communication, managing conflict, de-escalating conflict, self-awareness, resilience and self-care).
Nursing communication tools to be improved in the scenario (for example SOAP, SOAPIE, ISBAR, ISOBAR, clinical hand over, etc.)
Scenario 1
You are commencing your evening shift as a Graduate Registered Nurse in an Aged Care Facility. You have just received patient handover from the morning shift. One of your patients, Mr William Taylor, is an elderly man aged 86 who has had a fall on the way to the toilet and has sustained a serious fracture. He is presently moaning and being prepared for transfer to hospital. As you approach the family to introduce yourself, you are confronted with a very unhappy and angry family. One of the family stands very close to you, and in a loud voice says:
“What’s going on with my Dad? We received a phone call saying Dad has been seriously hurt and needs to go to hospital and then we are left sitting here for hours with no information from anyone! What is going on?”
In the clinical handover from the nursing staff, you did not receive any information about any family members present in the waiting room of the aged care facility.
Scenario 2
You are on clinical placement in an aged care facility as a first year nursing student. The Assistant in Nursing (AIN) you are buddied with today has left you alone with a 92 year old female, Mrs Claudia Munroe with vascular dementia and has requested that you attend to her shower. As you are completing the shower the elderly lady begins to shout. The AIN comes into the bathroom and challenges your technique washing. The AIN states:
“You’ve got it all wrong; just stop what you’re doing! You are making her feel scared”.
The nurse then comments:
“Having a student is such a pain and I really don’t have time to deal with your incompetence!”
The AIN then leaves you alone in the bathroom with the patient, who is now crying and shouting incoherently. The patient has also grabbed the shower nozzle out of your hand, showering you with water. You try to calm the patient down, complete the shower and dress the patient. Once you have settled your patient back to bed, you leave their room. You then try to find the AIN to discuss what has just happened.The 1200-word essay (+- 10%) Please structure the essayin the following way:Introduction (150 words): State the chosen scenario and the concepts and framework you will use in your essay. This first paragraph should provide the thesis statement in the first sentence and the overview of main points or brief plan for what will be included in your essay.Identification of the concepts, communication framework and nursing tools (200 words):Select the concepts, communication framework and nursing communication tool/s to be applied to the scenario. Explain how they are relevant to your chosen scenario. Discuss why they are suitable, including the relevant positive or negative aspects of the concepts, framework and nursing tools that are important considerations for nurses). (Write one paragraph here with the first sentence of the paragraph providing the main point – the concepts and the communication framework – and their relationship to the scenario. In the rest of the paragraph, discuss their suitability and their positive and negative aspects for nurses, using evidence from the literature).Analysis of the Communication Scenario (300 words):Analyse the communication scenario through the identification of the ineffective interpersonal communication displayed in the scenario and explaining why it is ineffective. Draw upon some literature to support your analysis of the communication scenario. (One paragraph here starting with the main point relating to why the communication in the scenario is not effective. The rest of your paragraph will explain and support the main point by referring to the evidence and relating it to the scenario using examples)Application of concepts, communication framework and nursing communication tools (400 words): Discuss how the use of the concepts, framework and tools can improve communication within the chosen scenario and support your discussion with reference to evidence based literature. (Use at least 2 paragraphs here, with each paragraph’s main point explaining an area of effective communication. The rest of each paragraph will explain and support the main points by referring to the evidence and relating it to the scenario using examples).Conclusion (150 words): Briefly restate the case scenario and your chosen nursing concepts, communication framework and nursing communication tools, and summarise how they were relevant. Summarise the main ways you applied them to enhance the communication within the chosen scenario. (Use one paragraph for this conclusion, restating your thesis statement, providing an overview of main points and providing a concluding sentence or two, that rounds out your learning from the assignment).


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