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MAN203 Services Marketing

Page 1 Kaplan Business School Assessment OutlineAssessment 2 Information
Subject Code:
Subject Name:
Services Marketing
Assessment Title:
Individual Presentation
Assessment Type:
Presentation Length:
35 %
Total Marks:
In class presentation week 8-12
Due Date:
Week 12
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Your TaskYou are to assume the role of a marketing consultant and are tasked with conducting a Servicesmarketing strategic analysis of a service of your choice..Assessment DescriptionYou can choose any possible service client of your choice. This must be different than theorganization chosen in assessment-1. Some examples include retail services, professional services,financial services, Tourism and hospitality services, and health services. The presentation dayneeds to be negotiated with your lecturer between week 8 and week 12.Assessment Instructions• Select a service business and define the elements of the service using the service hierarchy(core, facilitating and supplementary)• Describe your service business using intangibility, perishability, simultaneity andheterogeneity• Conduct an in-depth investigation and analysis of the organisation’s current servicemarketing mix and the 7 Ps of services and provide analysis of existing strategies. Ensureyou apply Services Marketing theory and concepts learnt in class.Provide appropriate services marketing recommendations for improvement and propose newservice marketing mix strategies• You must ensure you offer coverage of every P of services and ensure you are conductingyour analysis on a service client and NOT A PRODUCT.Some important considerations• You are also to provide narrative in the notes section of your slide. A Handout is attached on how tosave your PPT with Notes section with this assessment guide.• Visual content of slides & multimedia content is expected• Suggested number of slides max 10-12 to be handed in at time of presentation as well as uploadedon Turnitin on the same week of presentation.• Presentations need to be negotiated with your lecture before week 6.• A minimum of 10 in-text references will be required.• A reference list at the end of the report and PPT also required along with in text citation.• Power point slides or wiki references are not considered credible references.Page 2 Kaplan Business School Assessment OutlinePage 3 Kaplan Business School Assessment OutlineImportant Study InformationAcademic Integrity PolicyKBS values academic integrity. All students must understand the meaning and consequencesof cheating, plagiarism and other academic offences under the Academic Integrity and ConductPolicy.What is academic integrity and misconduct?What are the penalties for academic misconduct?What are the late penalties?How can I appeal my grade?Click here for answers to these questions:http://www.kbs.edu.au/current-students/student-policies/.Word Limits for Written AssessmentsSubmissions that exceed the word limit by more than 10% will cease to be marked from the pointat which that limit is exceeded.Study AssistanceStudents may seek study assistance from their local Academic Learning Advisor or refer to theresources on the MyKBS Academic Success Centre page. Click here for this information.Page 4 Kaplan Business School Assessment OutlineAssessment Marking GuideMKT203 Assessment Marking Rubric – Individual Presentation 35%
Marking Criteria
F(Fail) 0 –49%
P (Pass) 50 –64%
CR (Credit) 65 –74%
DN (Distinction) 75 –84%
HD (High Distinction) 85 –100%
Knowledge andApplication30%
Your analysis identifies andapplies minimal or none of therelevant Services Marketingtheories and concepts
Your analysis identifies andapplies some relevantServices Marketing theoriesand concepts
Your analysis sufficientlyidentifies and applies relevantServices Marketing theoriesand concepts
Your analysis significantly identifiesand applies relevant ServicesMarketing theories and concepts
Your analysis comprehensivelyidentifies and applies relevantServices Marketing theories andconcepts
Critical Analysis30%
Your analysis lacks depth, andyour interpretation is notrelevant
You analyse basic marketspecific information, andyour interpretation is notalways relevant
You sufficiently analyse andinterpret market specificinformation
You thoroughly analyse and interpretmarket specific information
You critically analyse and expertlyinterpret accurate and specificmarket information
Your research lacks focusbecause of an unsuitable choiceof sources
You have selected basicprimary and/or secondarysources
Your research is focused, drawnfrom a reasonable selection ofprimary and secondary sources
Your research is focused,complemented by a quality selectionand range of primary and secondarysources
Your research is extensive andfocused, complemented by aquality selection and large rangeof primary and secondary sources
A better selection of illustrativedevices would enhance yourpresentationYour presentation style lacks lifeand vitality, resulting inaudience disengagementYour presentation is dull andirrelevantYour voice tone and projectionare poor, showing little or norehearsal time
Your presentation includessome illustrative devicesYour presentation styleinitially captures theaudience’s attention,fluctuating throughoutYour presentation isadequately presentedYour voice tone andprojection are either too high,too low and/or struggles tohold the audience’s attention
Your presentation includesmostly useful illustrative devicesYour presentation style isinterestingYour presentation is deliveredwellYour voice tone and projectionhold the audience’s attentionmost of the time
Your presentation includes a wideselection of useful illustrative devicesYour presentation style is expressiveand interestingYour presentation is professionalYour voice tone and projectionhighlight key points and hold theaudience’s attention
Your presentation includes acomprehensive selection of usefulillustrative devicesYour presentation style is veryengagingYour presentation is one of highlevel professionalismYou have expertly used your voicetone and projection toemphasize points, capturing andholding the audience’s interestand attention
Feedback and grades will be released via MyKBS.