Organisation Performance Management System

Question 1 Identify and describe in detail 4 approaches to improve performance and address any identified performance gaps with staff. Question 2 A method and process for line managers to develop key performance indicators with those staff reporting to them can include the 360 degree evaluation method. Describe in 100 words or more what the 360 degree evaluation method is and what the advantages of this method are. •Question 3 What are 6 skills and knowledge that performance management appraisers and managers need to know, or be trained in before they use or implement an organisation’s performance management system? Question 4 Describe in detail 4 intervention strategies that line managers can use to ensure that performance is monitored regularly with staff. Question 5 An organisation’s business objectives can be identified in its strategic and operational plans. Describe in 100 words or more what strategic and operational plans are and how these plans influence an organisation’s performance management system. Question 6 Develop a set of processes (minimum 4) for formal performance management sessions that could be distributed to managers to ensure that formal performance management sessions are run effectively. The set of processes need to be similar to a set of instructions outlining what managers need to do step-by-step. Question 7 Performance management systems should be designed with flexibility in mind to cover all aspects of employment for staff and management. Identify four employment situations or variations that a performance management system should be flexible enough to cover. Question 8 Read the dialogue between Eric and his organisation’s performance management system manager and answer the question below: Eric: ‘Hi Penny, I just wanted to ask you a question about my recent performance appraisal.’ Penny: ‘Oh, really (glances at her watch), can it wait? I’ve got more important things to do at the moment.’ Eric: ‘Oh, umm I guess it could wait . . . it’s just that I’m not sure that my appraisal was done fairly and I wanted to ask you what I could do to appeal some of the information that was in it. Do we have a set procedure for that?’ Penny: (sighs) ‘Who did your appraisal?’ Eric: ‘Alex did it but we had a disagreement last week and I think that might have influenced him.’ Penny: ‘Oh well, I really don’t think you’ve got anything to worry about. Alex is always very fair with his appraisals. If he criticised your performance I’m sure it was with good reason. Is there anything else because I really need to get on with my work?’ Eric: ‘So are you saying that there is nothing I can do about it?’ Penny: ‘I really don’t think there is any point. Just accept the criticism and see if you can’t improve your performance before your next appraisal.’ Identify four weaknesses in Penny’s response to Eric’s question that might lead to a failure to gain support for the implementation of the performance management system. Question 9 A line manager has informed you that one of the employees they supervise has been performing poorly. They have been showing up late for work and their computer data input has often been inaccurate. How would you advise them to intervene? (minimum 50 words) Question 10 You are working for an advertising agency. You have provided intervention strategies previously to an employee whom you supervise who continues to demonstrate poor performance. They continue to arrive late for work, are continually rude to clients and fail to advertise on the internet, as you have directed them to. They continue to advertise with print advertisements which have not produced the result needed in their key performance indicators (KPS).You have given them three written warnings that they need to start using internet advertising. Can you terminate their employment within legal requirements on the basis that their performance is poor because they are too old to keep up with modern forms of advertising? Why? (Minimum 25 words) Question 11 You work in a store that sells whitegoods. You have had to have a performance management conversation with one of the store’s sales staff as he is not meeting the sales targets that are required of him. What do you need to do with the written and recorded outcomes of this session? (Minimum 25 words) Question 12 What performance management actions would you take in the situations below? (Minimum 10 words for each situation) Part A: An employee is going through a nasty divorce. As a result of the divorce, the employee can no longer afford to pay for child care for their four and a half year old child. The child will be starting school in four months’ time and the school offers free after school care for working parents. The employee has been distracted at work, making more errors than usual. They have had a lot of time off and often have to leave work early to care for the child. Previous to this situation, the employee’s performance has always been excellent. Part B: An employee’s performance has been unsatisfactory for a long time. The employee and their manager created an employee development plan which has been carried out. The employee has been given ample training and coaching. The employee has been given verbal and written reprimands but there has been no improvement in the employee’s performance. Part C: An employee’s performance is identified as being unsatisfactory. The reasons for the employee’s poor performance are unclear. Part D: An employee’s behaviour at work has become erratic and their performance has slipped markedly. They often return from lunch smelling of alcohol and behaving in an intoxicated manner. When the manager speaks to the employee, the employee admits that they have a problem with alcohol but tell the manager they do not know where to turn to get help. Part E: An employee’s performance has been identified as being unsatisfactory. When the manager speaks to the employee, the employee admits that they are finding the job stressful and that they do not really enjoy their work. They tell their manager that they do not really like dealing with customers all day and would prefer a less public position. Question 13 Describe in 25 words or more how you will regularly evaluate and improve all aspects of the performance-management process, in keeping with organisational objectives and policies. Question 14 You are responsible for designing and developing learning and development plans and strategies to encourage effective employee performance. Detail and explain 4 learning and development strategies that you will implement. Question 15 When developing reports for managers advising them of the progress and success rates of learning and development activities. What are 4 key messages that managers need to know about the success of the learning and development activities? Question 16 When coordinating individual or group learning and development activities list 3 providers whom you may need to engage. Question 17 Please detail in 50 words or more your knowledge and understanding of grievance procedures. Question 18 Please detail in 25 words or more your knowledge and understanding of the role that performance management processes make in relation to broader human resources and business objectives. Question 19 Please detail in 25 words or more your knowledge and understanding of the characteristics of a learning organisation.
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