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Sports Commissioners

Sports Commissioners
*Proper explanation of the elements of the torts and language usage, all as noted below. the report must be no more than 3,000 words, references are separate and are to be double spaced.
*Sports commissioners have the legally-approved right to act in the “best interests” of their sport. Give THREE examples of instances when a major professional sports commissioner did just that Be sure to give detailed information about the case, as well as an in-depth analysis of the commissioner’s decision and any legal battles that may have ensued.
*The following criteria are needed:
Commissioner issue: Provide three examples of instances of a major professional
Sports commissioner using legally-approved rights to act in the
Best interests of their sport.
Case/issue specifically identify: Use detailed case information.
In-depth analysis of the commissioner’s decision: Develop strong arguments with valid Evidence. Use specific illustrations Support the main ideas.
Post-decision: Legal battles or notes as to what happened after: Post-decision is a strong, in-depth, insightful assertion beyond the predictable.
Language: Language appropriate

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