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systems analyst

You have been employed as a systems analyst by the software company IT Solutions. This company provides
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software solutions to small businesses that do not have their own information technology personnel. It has a
staff of systems analysts, programmers and testers, as well as the necessary support staff.
The company has received a request from John Vandrine, owner of Diamond Video Rentals, a video store in a
large rural town, for a report into the business need or opportunity in computerising some or all of the day to
day business of the video store with the aim of making it more efficient and providing better customer service.
Moreover the recent releases of cheaper DVD TV Recorders and Media Player devices have led the company to
expand from their Melbourne base into the Sydney market, with a new business department in Sydney to
establish a foothold in that market.
Develop a hardware evaluation sheet (use the template provided) detailing products from the
different vendors (suppliers) that are identified for the above equipment. Identify the networking
equipment (not workstations or server) that will be needed for the new site. Identify at least TWO
suppliers for this equipment and get prices and details of availability.
Develop a network installation plan for the new North Sydney office, in which you:
Identify the components required to meet the technical requirements of the user’s network.
Prioritise the tasks involved and contingency plans to achieve minimum business disruption
or delay with the installation.
Identify the appropriate people and obtain approval for plans including security clearance
and schedule.
Develop a Test Plan for the above installation. The test plan should:
list the function or service to be tested, and within each function or service, list items to be
tested in sequence
list the procedure to test each item and the expected results of the test procedure
provide for documenting actual test results with comments
Also provide examples to show how the test plan will work