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My 20th Birthday
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Happy things happen to me. What happened? How did you feel? Discuss and explain this memorable experience so that your reader can picture it in his or her mind. Need a lot of details and adjectives and feelings.

Intro: main idea-20th birthday surprise
Body development:
From summer in 2018, Life alone in San Francisco ,US as a student (first time independent life)
Mild depression because of troubles from roommates and loneliness

Christmas vocation back to China(happy and excited mood) Half a month before my birthday.

My family never celebrate Christmas before. But when I get home after 13 hour flight and 2 hour drive at night, my mom and my dog Nini wait outside the house and it was cold. They were so excited. Tears in my eyes because I miss them so much.( details of my dog and mom movements) Mom held her phone and recorded this important moment for her.

Our house was decorated so beautiful and light. Lights on the trees in our garden. Christmas tree and Santa and so on. I feel so warm.

I spent few days staying with my parents and dogs.( talk all night, hold hands, watch movies, eat delicious food, I made food for them, take care of our garden, walk Nini) Time past so fast.

January 14th is my birthday and I expected the big day for so long. I got up very early but my parents were still sleeping. After one hour, my parents finally got up but they seemed to  totally forget my birthday and unconcerned. I was so sad but still wait. My mom asked me to take some papers to my uncle and he lives 30 minutes drive away from my home. I felt more sad. But I still did it alone. My friends also didn’t say anything in Wechat or call me until noon.
3pm when I got back home and opened the door. My parents and my two 8-year best friends( Xia and Huang) just waited behind the door. My dad held a nice birthday cake with my favorite blue rose on it and my friend held the gifts. They sang birthday song and Nini was barking. I was so surprised. (Unforgettable moment)

I walked in to the house and the whole house was decorated so beautiful.( balloons, flowers, number 20)

They prepared my favorite hot pot and the speaker is playing my favorite songs. Ed Sheeran “Perfect”. Everything was so perfect.

After dinner, we sang Karaoke together and they gave me gifts. My friends gave me a dog-shaped perfume and a film camera which were all my favorite things. My dad and mom made an album for me. It was the best thing ever. The moment I opened it, I cried so hard. My mom collected all my photos since I was born and wrote down my 20-year story. The first photo is when I was 100 days sitting quietly in the chair with no emotion on my face. But my mom wrote” our angel come to our life, even though life was so hard for me and dad, you were the honey added in our life”. “ I am so sorry. I didn’t leave your little footprint and record your cry sound” on The second page, beside the few-month me and a big doll, my mom wrote” You cried so hard the first time you saw the doll, because it was too big and bigger than little you!” “ The first time you could walk on your own, I was so proud and carefully protect you, just like now” The last pages, she wrote, “ Thank you, my baby. Thank you for making our life so beautiful. This is the first 20 years. We will continue our story”“You will always be our little angel”. I cried so hard and couldn’t stop.

The best gift I have in my life is my lovely mom and dad. They love each other so much and they spend every minute to teach me how to love and care others. I will never be alone no matter how far it is between us.

My 20 th birthday was a new start of my life and I will move on with the love from my family and friends.
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