MGT302A/BIZ303: Strategic Management

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MGT302A/BIZ303: Strategic Management
Assessment 1 – Reflective Essay
1,000 words, +/- 10%
Learning Outcomes
a) Describe and evaluate the objectives, aims and the primaryaspects of a strategic plan whilst taking into account the visionand mission of the organisation.b) Discuss and evaluate the processes and forces thatinfluence the strategic decision-making process in relation tobusiness strategy.
Due by 11:55pm AEST/AEDT Sunday of module 3 (week5)
Total Marks
100 marks
Context:An organisation typically achieves superior returns when it has a sound strategy that is wellimplemented. A key part of determining an organisation’s strategy is a clear understanding of theenvironment in which it operates. Evaluating the external environment is a critical part of the strategicmanagement process, and this assessment requires that you undertake an analysis of the industryenvironment that Qantas Airlines is currently facing. To do so, you are required to apply Porter’s FiveForces model to Qantas Airlines and reflect, using an academic article of your choice, on how analysingthe environment in this way can help to inform managers in creating the organisation’s strategy.Instructions:This assessment requires that you consider each of the following: A brief summary of the theory of Porter’s Five Forces model. An application of each of the five forces to Qantas Airlines, in which you identify whether theexistence of each force is high, medium or low, providing an overall summary of the industry’sattractiveness regarding profitability. Your opinion on the usefulness and limitations of the five forces model, using an academicarticle of your choice, and the analysis that you have undertaken of the industry environmentthat Qantas Airlines is currently facing, to inform managers in creating the organisation’sstrategy.MGT302A/BIZ303_ Assessment 1 Brief_ Reflective Essay Page 2 of 5This assessment is a ‘reflective essay’ which means: It is an academic analysis, using your own opinions as well as those of others. It still followstypical essay conventions, for instance, it should have a logical series of paragraphs and isstructured with a beginning, middle, and end. You need to critically reflect on your own thoughts and rationale, then integrate thesereflections with appropriate theoretical concepts. It should be written in both the first and third person as directed in the suggested structurebelow.To prepare for this assessment, the following steps are advised: Step 1 – Read the subject materials:o Understanding the organisation’s environment (module 2).o Evaluating an organisation’s external environment (module 2.1). Step 2 – Watch the following video on Porter’s Five Forces: Step 3 – Familiarise yourself with current information about Qantas Airlines: Step 4 – Undertake additional research on the airline industry and source additional readings,including at least one additional journal article that may support your answer.A suggested structure for your essay is as follows: Introduction (approx. 100 words). Define the purpose and scope of your essay, including whatyou intend to cover. Identify, in a compelling way, why the topic is important. Explain itscontext. This section should be written in the first person. A brief summary of Porter’s Five Forces model (approx. 200 words). Clearly and succinctlyoutline the theory underpinning the approach (does not have to be detailed). Use a numberof academic references to support the description provided. This section should be written inthe third person. Application of the model (approx. 450 words). Here, taking each force in turn, describe andanalyse Qantas Airlines, using each force. Be purposeful and specific in explaining exactly whyyou believe each force impacts in the way you do. Integrate relevant academic references,including at least one specific journal article into your analysis as appropriate. This sectionshould be written in the third person. Usefulness and limitations (approx. 150 words). Explain how both, your and the industryanalysis in general, can help Qantas Airlines to make decisions about its future strategy. Note,that the model does have critique and that other ways of analysing the environment are alsoimportant. Use references to support and justify your position. This section should be writtenin the first person. Conclusion (approx. 100 words). Summarise what you have undertaken in the essay alongwith the relevant conclusions and your own opinions. This section should be written in the firstperson.Please note the following additional information:MGT302A/BIZ303_ Assessment 1 Brief_ Reflective Essay Page 3 of 5 You should adhere to the correct use of academic writing, presentation and grammar. Youshould use a combination of the first and third person in a reflective essay as directed. It is important to check your similarity in Turnitin. All sentences highlighted must be eitherparaphrased in your own words or put in quotes and referenced accordingly. You should beaiming for a similarity score that is as low as possible. The similarities highlighted in a contentspage, reference list or appendix is nothing to be concerned about. It is important to adopt the appropriate use of the APA 6th edition style when citing andreferencing research. Please comply with all academic standards of legibility, referencingand bibliographical details (including reference list). You are advised to include a minimum of 5 academic references which should be textbooks oracademic journals. Appropriate websites may be used in addition to these. The attached learning rubric guides the marker when awarding marks for your essay. Youshould use this rubric to review your paper, ensuring there is nothing you have missed.Submission Instructions:Submit your reflective essay via the Assessment link, in the main navigation menu, inMGT302A/BIZ303 Strategic Management. The learning facilitator will provide feedback via the GradeCentre in the LMS portal. Feedback can be viewed in My Grades.MGT302A/BIZ303_Assessment1_ReflectiveEssay Page 4 of 5Learning Rubric: Assessment 1 – Reflective Essay
Fail (Unacceptable)0-49%
Distinction(Advanced)75 -84%
High Distinction(Exceptional)85-100%
Introduction andconclusion10%
Provides poor context anddoes not link to theassessment in a clear andcoherent way. May bemissing entirely.
Provides satisfactorycontext, however, link tothe assessment is onlypartially clear and coherent.
Provides reasonable contextand link to the assessment ina fairly clear and coherentway.
Provides good context andlink to the assessment in aclear and coherent way.
Provides excellent contextand link to the assessmentin an extremely clear andcoherent way.
Knowledge,understanding,reflections andapplication of portersfive forces model60%
Limited understanding ofthe required concepts andknowledge.Limited application,reflection and analysis ofthe model, with regards toQantas, with minimalevidence used.
Some knowledge andunderstanding of therequired concepts andknowledge.Some application, reflectionand analysis of the model,with regards to Qantas,with satisfactory evidenceused.
Thorough knowledge orunderstanding of therequired concepts andknowledge.Thorough application,reflection and analysis of themodel, with regards toQantas, with clear evidenceused.
Highly developedunderstanding of therequired concepts andknowledge.Highly developedapplication, reflection andanalysis of the model, withregards to Qantas, with wellsubstantiated evidenceused.
A sophisticatedunderstanding of therequired concepts andknowledge.Excellent application,reflection and analysis ofthe model, with regards toQantas, with a broad andsignificant evidence basedused.
Usefulness andlimitations20%
Demonstrates little or noawareness of contextand/or future strategy.Personal reflections arelargely missing.
Demonstrates limitedawareness of contextand/or future strategy.Personal reflections aresatisfactory.
Demonstrates consistentawareness of context and/orfuture strategy.Personal reflections are good.
Demonstrates an advancedand integratedunderstanding of contextand/or future strategy.Personal reflections arewell-developed.
Consistently demonstratesa systematic and criticalunderstanding of contextand/or future strategy.Personal reflections aresophisticated.
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Referencing, grammarand writing10%
Demonstratesinconsistent use of goodquality, credible andrelevant resources tosupport and developideas. Doesn’t adequatelyreflect on the journalarticle.Grammar and writingstyle needs improvement.
Demonstrates use of somerelevant resources tosupport and develop ideas,but these are not alwaysexplicit or well-developed.Reflects partially on thejournal article.Grammar and writing styleis satisfactory.
Demonstrates use of credibleand relevant resources tosupport and develop ideas,which are usually explicitand/or well-developed.Reflects well on the journalarticle.Grammar and writing style isgood.
Demonstrates use of goodquality, credible andrelevant resources tosupport and developarguments and statements.Reflects extremely well onthe journal article.Grammar and writing styleis very good.
Demonstrates use of highquality, credible andrelevant resources tosupport and developarguments and statements.Sophisticated reflection onthe journal article.Grammar and writing styleis excellent.