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Blockchain Technology Development Paper Topic: Blockchain Technology: What is it, how is it being used and where is it headed?

Purpose: To thoroughly research Blockchain technology, learn about its creation, development, current, and potential benefits and problems, uses, governmental regulations, cost effectiveness, potential applications and where it could be headed. Once the research is completed, write a paper to analyze and discuss those research findings.
Instructions, Expectations, Formatting:
Minimum of eight full pages of written content, double spaced, using a 10-11 font size.
Your final paper should include eight full pages of written content, in addition to a cover page, reference page and an appendix page (if needed for charts, footnotes, etc.).
Blockchain Technology Development Paper
Before writing this paper, make sure that you have a full understanding of the topic.
The purpose of the paper is to provide an in-depth study of this emerging technology, discuss how it is currently used and fully describe the potential impact it may have on businesses in the future.
The writing style and paper content should be clear and readable, with a proper flow (that is, the university-level academic writing style is expected).
Charts that provide information tied to your paper are not required. If used, they must be included only in an appendix and not in the paper. Charts do not count as content and cannot be included in the main body of the paper. They must be properly cited and can only be used if allowed. Publications and websites generally do not allow for their graphics to be copied. Check the terms of use for each chart before including.
Blockchain Technology Development Paper
The reference page is separate from the content pages (that is, it is not one of the eight pages that are required for this paper). You must provide a list of every resource used in researching and formulating your paper.
You must have a minimum of eight references.
Acceptable references include both online and written publications.
For webpage citations, make sure that they are reputable and recognizable (in other words, industry known websites). You need to include the links to these sites. If you cite factual statements coming from these websites, you must also include links directly to the information or provide a description of where they can be found on those websites.
Blockchain Technology Development Paper
For written publications, make sure that they are reputable and recognizable (that is, once again, an industry known credible publications). In this case, the name of the publication, author, publisher, date, etc. should be listed. If you make factual statements, statistics, etc., make sure to cite them (that is, you must list the page numbers so that I can locate them to double-check).