BMA314 Organisational Change & Development,

BMA314 Organisational Change & Development, Semester 1, 2019
Individual Report: Practical Guidelines
This document provides practical guidelines on Assessment Task 2b – Individual Report.
Following the Group Presentation, you are required to write a report on the diagnosis component of the
Action Research you conducted. You need to use information gathered from interviews with people in
your respective organisations. You may make reasonable assumptions about the organisation(s) to
provide a manageable context.
The purpose of the Report is to provide an ‘academic justification’ for the content of your presentation
and to provide a greater level of analysis and detail in change management diagnosis. The report should
ideally comprise the following general sections (section-wise marks specified):
1) Introduction (3 marks)
2) Methodology (8 marks) – How was the process carried out? Describe the process of selecting
the interviewees and conducting the interview(s). This includes a structured reflection of your
contribution to the Group.
3) Findings relevant to change management diagnosis (4 marks)
4) Critique of quality literature on diagnosing change in the light of findings. (8 marks)
5) Conclusions (3 marks)
6) Referencing, and overall quality and flow of the compositions (4 marks)
The Report should be written in the third person apart from the ‘reflection’ component where you may
choose to use ‘I’ statements.
As the focus of the unit is bridging academic material and practice, showing how the academic literature
can be used and providing some guidelines/recommendations for change management diagnosis is an
important component of the assignment. Therefore, it is necessary to use references covering each of
the criteria; particularly numbers 2, 3 & 4. In your Report, you may cover material related to the
presentation that is outside, but relevant, to your presentation. In addition, you may choose to include
background material on the specific issue(s)/organisation(s).
The Report can be structured with appropriate use of headings and is to be written in accordance with
strict referencing requirements. For a unit of this nature, there is a minimum of 10 academic references.
It is expected that you will use additional references from non-academic sources. Students aiming for a
distinction of higher would be expected to exceed the minimum number of academic references. The key
issue is not just the number but the quality of references and how well the material has been used in an
integrated and analytical manner.
There is the guide to academic articles in MyLO: part of the information for the Journal Article Review.
Your report should in 12-point font, double spaced with wide margins to allow for comments and in single
column format. Please refer to the indicative structure (a probable content table) in the following page (2)
for further clarification.
Word count
2,000 to 2,500 words (Reports are to be within this range – no additional +/- 10% leeway). A table of
contents, the reference list and appendices are not included in the word count: however, material in
appendices is also not included in the marking allocation.
The written component of this assessment is worth 30%. The indicative structure on page 3 also contains
the marking allocation across the criteria for this assessment: A Report Marking Criteria document
(Rubric) is posted in MyLO. The marking distribution provides a guide to how you distribute your 2,000
words to 2,500 words.
Presentation of written report
Use headings appropriately. Clarity and accuracy are important because errors detract from the content.
Presentation clarity is important but don’t waste your time on making your report look pretty (it is the
content that matters much than the outlook).
Due Date: Week 9, 29th of April 2019.
Indicative Contents/Structure of the Report
Page number
1 (indicative
Introduction – explanation of the nature of
the Group process and the structure of the
225-300 words
Methodology used by the Group &
reflection of your contribution to the Group
600-775 words
Explanation and justification of findings
relevant to change management diagnosis
Summary of research/ literature review
(which includes research methodology &
data analysis). Use of sub-heading to
cover the key element of the ‘change
project is recommended.
600-675 words
225-350 words
Quality of writing, number, quality and
integration of references
(includes overall
quality of writing)
Total 2,000 to
2,500 words
Total 30 marks