BMA605- Business to Business marketing- Guidance for Assessment 2 (Essay) Choose ONE of the…

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BMA605- Business to Business marketing- Guidance for Assessment 2 (Essay) Choose ONE of the following topics for the assessment 2 (Essay):
1. In a multiple-channel system, a vendor employs several channels to reach its business customers, including electronic marketing channels. What problems might occur when a vendor uses a multiple-channel system? Analyse the role of electronic marketing channels in the multiple-channel systems. Justify your arguments with examples.
2. Compare business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) marketing communication techniques. Why some of the integrated marketing communication techniques that have been extensively used to attract consumers are not very helpful in industrial/B2B markets? Justify your arguments with examples.
Key points:
1- This is an individual task, so you have to rely on your own capabilities.
2- Make sure that you use an assignment cover sheet attached to your essay document. You need to mention your full name, along with student ID. Please sign the cover sheet.
3- You only need to submit the soft copy of your work.
4- The due date for this assignment is Week 11, Friday 17 May, 2.00 pm.
5- Word limit is 1500 words ± 10% (excluding references).
6- Please mention the topic chosen on the very first page of your essay.
7- Double-spaced with font 12, Arial/ Times New Roman.
8- Please effectively use titles and make sure about the good flow of your writing.
9- You are required to conduct some external research and refer literature to answer the essay questions. Please DO NOT overcite the textbook. You are required to use at least 5 key papers from journal articles to structure your arguments. So you need to use citations for any critical point that you raise throughout your discussion. You may consider using the online sources and journals mentioned in the unit outline.
10- You should use the referencing style recommended by TSBE.
11- Make sure that you check the originality of your work through the Turnitin system before submitting to the MyLo.
12- Copying the online stuff and using other sources without appropriate referencing is prohibited. I am sure that everyone is aware of the academic integrity issues, but I am repeating just in case for those who may not be familiar with university protocols.
13- Use relevant theories and concepts you have learned in the unit to answer the essay question. Please remember that sometimes you have to reference external sources and never refrain to study other material to gain a better understanding.
14- Refer TSBE website for assignment/ essay guide. By the way, if you need further advice you can contact me.