BMP4004 Contemporary Issues in Marketing | NO PLAGIARISM

BMP4004 Contemporary Issues in Marketing
Learning Outcomes Assessed:


Demonstrate ability to use one of a range of digital marketing tools effectively


Reflect on the importance and application of digital marketing tools

Assessment Brief
You are required to build a practical skills portfolio, demonstrating a small integrated marketing communications campaign to promote a product or service, as agreed with your tutor.
A template document is available on moodle. You should submit your portfolio using Turnitin on moodle by 26.07.2019 (No later than 23:59pm).
Using your understanding of the promotional mix and available digital communication channels, including social media, you will submit 5 examples of digital communications that show your understanding of digital marketing tools to achieve given objectives.
Your portfolio will include examples of digital communications, such as: –
mock up web pages
social media posts
other digital media content (such as blog articles)
Your digital communications plan should be designed to attract and persuade the audience/customers to respond to your promotional campaign.

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