BN315 Enterprise Architecture

Prepared by: Dr. Huma ChaudhryModerated by: Dr. Mohammad Mohammad
Assessment Details and Submission Guidelines
Term 2 2019
Unit Code
Unit Title
Enterprise Architecture
Assignment 1
Enterprise Architecture Concepts
Purpose of theassessment (withULOMapping)
The purpose of this assignment is to develop skills in working with EnterpriseArchitecture (EA) and to gain understanding of EA model development.On completion of this assignment students will be able to:c. Describe enterprise‐level architectural views for the business, information,technology, and application domains.d. Report on the relationship between EA and other architectures such assystem, solution, data, application and technology.e. Investigate the appropriate use of industry EA methods and frameworks.f. Report on the current and future state for a portfolio of IT applications.
Total Marks
Word limit
1000 words
Due Date
Week 7, Friday, 30 August 2019 at 11:59PM
 All work must be submitted on Moodle by the due date along with a title Page. The assignment must be in MS Word format, 1.5 spacing, 11-pt Calibri (Body)font and 2.54 cm margins on all four sides of your page with appropriate sectionheadings. Reference sources must be cited in the text of the report, and listed appropriatelyat the end in a reference list using IEEE referencing style.
 If an extension of time to submit work is required, a Special ConsiderationApplication must be submitted online to AMS follow the link below you mayrequire to login. You must submit this application three working days prior to thedue date of the assignment.
 Academic Misconduct is a serious offence. Depending on the seriousness of the case,penalties can vary from a written warning or zero marks to exclusion from the courseor rescinding the degree. Students should make themselves familiar withthe full policy and procedure available at: proceduresand-guidelines/Plagiarism-Academic-Misconduct-PolicyProcedure. For further information, please refer to the Academic IntegritySection in your Unit Description.
Prepared by: Dr. Huma Chaudhry Moderated by: Dr. Mohammad MohammadAssignment DescriptionWrite a report (minimum 3 A4 pages) and conduct a presentation (10 – 15 minutes) on one of the topics of thegiven Enterprise Architecture (EA) contexts. The presentation will be held on week 7 during lab time andstudents need to upload presentation slides on Moodle, a day earlier than the presentation day. The report isdue in week 7, before midnight. The report and presentation must provide a detailed overview of thetopic related to one of the listed contexts.What must your report include?
All reports must include a detailed introduction to the topic.The report must be written in a specified context and for a specific audience, as indicated below.You will be required to select your context and topic in week 4.Once chosen, you are required to complete all the questions related to the chosen topic.Must include references.
Context A: Phoenix LogisticsFor this set of topic your context is Phoenix Logistics, a global freight forwarding company, whose head office isbased in Melbourne with branch offices located worldwide. You are a member of a consulting team who is biddingfor the project of implementing an Enterprise Architecture for Phoenix Logistics.You need to include information about Phoenix Logistics’ business strategy and its information technologyrequirements. You need to include present IT systems and systems that will be required in the future. Yourreport and your presentation should aim to convince Phoenix Logistics that they need to invest on EnterpriseArchitecture, and that your team is the right team for the job.Include examples and information that are specific to this context. The audience will be the CEO, the GeneralManager, and the Manager of IT Resources at Phoenix Logistics.TOPIC A1. Explain what an EA is. Why EA is important? How EA is similar to city planning? What are thebenefits of EA? What are the key challenges in EA? How could Phoenix Logistics utilize EA? Provideconcrete examples.TOPIC A2. Role and relationship of EA and Solution (System) Architecture (SA): Describe EA and SA.What are the key differences between EA and SA? How are EA and SA related? How could the companyutilize EA and SA? Provide concreteexamples.TOPIC A3. EA principles, standards and reference models: Describe what is an EA principle, an EAstandard and an EA reference model. Why EA principles and standards are important? How doreference models support reuse? How could Phoenix Logistics utilize reference models? Provideconcrete examples.Context B: Job InterviewFor this set of topics, your context is a job interview for a position as a Software Architect. The details of the jobdescription can be found on course homepage on Moodle. As part of your application for this position, you arerequired to submit a written report on the following topics. At your interview, you are required to give yourpresentation. You should include information that is relevant to the multi-platform marketing technology. Youshould include information that is specific to the job description.Include examples and information that are specific to this context. The audience will be the selection panel forPrepared by: Dr. Huma Chaudhry Moderated by: Dr. Mohammad Mohammadyour job interview, including the Chief Information Officer for the organization, and the senior IT Manageralong with HR Manager.TOPIC B1. EA domains: What are the business, information, applications and technology domains? What isthe relationship between the business, information, applications and technology domains? Why do we needto develop models for the business, information, applications and technology domains? Provide concreteexamples.TOPIC B2. What is a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)? Why are standards required for an SOA? Whatstandards exist for SOA? How would a marketing company utilize an SOA? Provide concrete examples ofhow a multi-platform marketing company could utilize an SOA.TOPIC B3. IT Planning: What is IT planning? Why IT planning is important? What is the relationship betweenbusiness strategy, EA, and IT planning? Provide concrete examples of how these issues relate to themarketing domains.TOPIC B4. Change Management: What is change management? Why is change management important?What is the relationship between EA, IT planning and change management? Provide concrete examples ofhow these issues are important to marketingdomains.Context C:For this set of topics, your context is the reading Different Approaches to Enterprise Architecture. TheDifferent kind of EA and some short case studies are presented in the article. You are expected to learnthese different kinds of approaches and given a scenario, report which of these will be most suitable.Your audience is CEO of a company and you need to describe briefly the different approaches to EA,compare them with each other and answer the following questions.TOPIC C1. EA domains: What is EA? How is EA developed and who is it developed by?TOPIC C2. What was the motivation to study alternatives approaches to EA? Briefly describe MITapproach and DYA approach.TOPIC C3. Appropriate industry EA methods: What is ABS and what is its purpose? What challengedid they face? Did they overcome it? Why/ why not?TOPIC C4. What is FEA and what is its purpose? What challenge did they face? How did theyovercome it? Why did it not help them build a long-term strategy?TOPIC C5. Report on the current and future state for a portfolio of IT applications. Which approachwould you suggest (MIT or DYA) for ABS scenario? Do you recommend a different solution?Prepared by: Dr. Huma Chaudhry Moderated by: Dr. Mohammad MohammadMarking criteria:The following marks will be divided between report (80%) and presentation (20%). Marks are allocated asfollows:Note: The marking criteria varies for each assignment
Section to be included inthe report
Description of the section
Outline of the report ( in 3-4 sentences)
Identify Business strategy, IT assessment
Analyze above identified topics
Design EA method and framework
Evaluate your proposed solutions and write justificationof your evaluation
Write summary of the report
Reference style
Follow IEEE reference style
Example Marking Rubric for Assignment #: Total Marks 50Note: The marking rubrics varies for each assignment
Very Good
All topics arepertinent andcovered in depth.Ability to thinkcritically andsource material isdemonstrated
Topics arerelevant andsoundlyanalyzed.
Generallyrelevant andanalyzed.
Some relevanceand brieflypresented.
This is notrelevant to theassignmenttopic.
Demonstratedexcellent ability tothink critically andsourced referencematerialappropriately
Demonstrated excellentability tothinkcritically butdid notsourcereferencematerialappropriately
Demonstratedability to thinkcritically andsourcedreferencematerialappropriately
Demonstratedability to thinkcritically and didnot sourcereferencematerialappropriately
Did notdemonstrateability to thinkcritically anddid not sourcereferencematerialappropriately
Logic is clear andeasy to follow withstrong arguments
Consistencylogical andconvincing
Mostlyconsistentlogical and
Adequatecohesion andconviction
Argument isconfused anddisjointed
All elements arepresent and verywell integrated.
Componentspresent withgoodcohesive
Componentspresent andmostly wellintegrated
Proposal lacksstructure.
Excellent use ofcreditable sources.Accuratereferencing.Obvious thatoutstanding effortmade
Extremelygood effort
Good effortmade but notoutstanding
Made someeffort. Forexample, Websearches only
Very littleattempt toreference. Lazyeffort withinaccuracies
Prepared by: Dr. Huma Chaudhry Moderated by: Dr. Mohammad Mohammad
Logic is clear andeasy to follow withstrong arguments
Consistencylogical andconvincing
Mostlyconsistentlogical andconvincing
Adequatecohesion andconviction
Argument isconfused anddisjointed
Reference style/5
Clear styles withexcellent source ofreferences.
Generally goodreferencingstyle
Lacksconsistencywith manyerrors