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Bolshevik Revolution
Bolshevik Revolution
Please use the one source provided.
INSTRUCTIONS: this needs to be what you found interesting about the revolution and why you thought it was interesting. Also explain why it was important to that time. follow these instructions as well as the following…
THE OFFICIAL INSTRUCTIONS GIVEN BY THE PROFESSOR:The reflections/ writing assignments will include all reading materials assigned and including course content in Module 2. You are not to summarize chapters or chapter but to select an event, person or timeline within any chapter. However you can combine events in chapters. The exercise is meant to enhance your critical thinking skills. :
In your own words, journal through a reflection, what historical event, person, or timeline stood out most to you as student in the assigned course readings. Each writing assignment will include a 400-500 word count in MLA essay form using the proper grammar, content, perspectives and will be uploaded in the course Eagle Online Canvas or emailed to me at [email protected] Late Papers will receive a 10 point deduction for every day the assignment is late. You papers should start with the following:
Ex. What I found most interesting in chapter Ă–..
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