friends like to borrow her DVD’s,

Alice has a large DVD movie collection. Her friends like to borrow her DVD’s, and she needs a way to keep track of
who has what. She maintains a list of friends, identified by unique FID’s (friend identifiers) and a list of DVD’s, identified by DVDID’s (DVD identifiers). With each friend is the name and the all-important telephone numbers (Home and Work) which she can call to get the DVD back. With each DVD is the star actor name and title. Whenever a friend borrows a DVD, Alice will enter that fact into her database along with the date borrowed. Whenever the DVD gets returned, that fact, too, gets noted along with the date returned. Alice wants to keep a complete history of her friends’ borrowing habits so that she can ask favors of the heavy borrowers (or perhaps refuse to make further loans to those who habitually don’t return them quickly).