Water safety, bottled water versus tap water

Requirements: 1. Find three professional references for your topic. NOTE: Only choose articles that have been written within the past 5 years. References must be peer-reviewed, primary sources (articles from professional journals) 2. Use the attached “Summary of Journal article” format to summarize each article. Note: Some articles are based on a specific research study and some are reviews. If it’s a review article then some parts (like methods and findings) may not apply. You do not need to hand in your article summaries – these are for your own use, so that you can identify what you’re looking for in these articles. 3. Then fill out the attached chart to highlight the main findings of each article. 4. Write a paper your topic (approximately 5 pages). In the introductory paragraph, include the question you investigated. In the body of the paper, incorporate the information gathered from all 3 sources. 5. Describe at least one other piece of information you would like to learn about your topic that was not answered by your references. How/where would you find that information? What type of source would you most likely use? Why? 6. Bibliography: Use this link as a guide to referencing different sources: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/section/2/