Boundary Experience

Boundary Experience
As a student of Master of Advertising program, this is my last semester in UQ business school. I have chosen “Career Transition” course as I hope this course could provide huge assistance in entering new job industry for me. Within this course, students were asked to complete self-assessment questionnaires that aims to provide a greater knowledge about themselves. The questionnaires were designed vary from open-ended questions to rating scale questions and each can unveil different kind of characteristics about respondent. In this writing, I will reflect on how was questionnaires process, what were I learnt about myself and how influential those findings in my career. Each results from these assessments provided insights of myself and aroused various type of feeling ranging from shame to proudness.
For me, I gave emphasis on five self-assessment. Namely, Career Competencies for Contemporary Career Development, Work value, Personal attributes, Holland’s RIASEC code assessment and Big Five Personality. Some results were totally new to me and some were reaffirming my existing thoughts about myself.
Career competency
Work value
Personal Attributes
ONet interes
Big 5 personality
Sustainable career, bounder less career vs Drucker valuable strength